Election 2020: This IS the fight you were appointed for

Election 2020: This IS the fight you were appointed for
Detroit: A vote-center worker blocks mail-in ballot counting from view to frustrate observers. Twitter video

It has been a bit interesting to watch the election coverage at various new-media outlets and see that some are going a Big Tech-compliant route, publishing as if there’s no evidence of massive fraud being worked into the vote.  Others are unabashedly putting up all the evidence that is, in fact, coming in, from impossible mail-in ballot tallies (100% for Biden) being added without any additions for Trump, to Republicans being excluded from observing vote-counting, to report after report from voters of vote tampering at the polling stations.

What’s visible in these different postures is a differing posture on the state of America and the stakes of the election.  The compliant new-media outlets (all the old-media outlets, including Fox, are compliant) behave as if there is life for America after a cooked election.  These matters of electoral form can be pursued, with chin-stroking, after the imperative to “decide who won” is satisfied.

Those who are bringing evidence of tampering to the fore, hour after hour, perceive it differently.  They understand that America, as she is, as she is supposed to be, cannot survive an election this tampered with.  If tampering works in 2020, it will never stop – although it probably won’t have to continue for very long, because the Constitution will be shoved aside anyway, and elections on a schedule, with candidacy open to anyone who qualifies, will be a thing of the past.

Welcome to the Hotel California.  It’s programmed to receive.  You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

What has been equally interesting, however, is how overt the tampering is.  Numerous commentators have remarked on it; I am by no means alone in this observation.  It’s so blatant we can’t help seeing it.

Even Chris Cuomo on CNN was astonished by it, when he saw the first impossible vote tally from Wisconsin in the 4:00 AM hour on Wednesday morning, two hours after public attention had been deflected by the announcement that Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania would have no more useful updates on election night.

A different situation in Michigan (although with oddly similar numbers), for which a partial attempt at explanation and walk-back was later made.

James Woods, the actor (and now the conservative scourge of Twitter), is keeping a tally of field reports on vote tampering, which he is turning over to the Justice Department and FBI.  Many of the reports in his Twitter replies are redundant (and he’s probably getting even more through being @-ed).  But they give a flavor of how very much there is to report, especially in the battleground states.

It’s all being done right in our faces.  Sure, at the vote-counting center in Detroit they put up the barriers so observers couldn’t actually, you know, observe – but that’s the point: they did it there in the open.  They didn’t bother with any deception about the fact that they’re blocking observation.  They’re overtly acting in secret, openly determined not to have their deeds seen.

As Rush Limbaugh said this morning, they’re doing it because they don’t pay any penalty for it.  The media cover up for them, and they get away with it.  They’ve been getting away with it in parts of the Hotel California for years.  We’ve seen it on a much smaller scale in other states, or parts of states, in each of at least the last 12 federal elections.

We’ve had evidence or reports of it for a very long time – e.g., in the presidential election of 1960, in Illinois, and even further back, including what was once a very real suppression of black voters in the South – but the systematic, pervasive, partisan one-sidedness of it is a more recent development.  It has come to be a regular tool used to shoehorn Democrats into office in close elections.

In 2020, they’re taking it nationwide.  This is where the make-or-break watershed is.  Either it is stopped now, cold, or America is lost.

The litmus test for whether election activities must be investigated is the one the Trump campaign is using.  They’re suing for access to the ballot-counting venues, because that process must, by rights, be open and 100% observable.  There is nothing that needs to occur behind closed doors.  That officials in Democrat-run locations are trying to deny access tells us all we need to know.

But the Trump campaign is also demanding recounts where the vote is extremely close, and where the progress of vote tallies doesn’t make sense (e.g., as in Wisconsin, where the now-infamous addition of nearly 130,000 mail-in votes for Biden, in the dark hours of Wednesday morning, was not attended by an addition of any votes for Trump).

The DOJ is also taking up reports of voting irregularities for investigation.

And Republicans and the Trump campaign are challenging the Pennsylvania state court ruling that ballots must be accepted without postmarks, even though state law says ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day.

These are the methods by which this battle has to be fought.  What I want readers to understand is that this is the battle.  This is the battle the 2020 election was always going to be: not a battle to put a candidate over the top, but a battle to defeat the now-systematic tampering with the vote.

We have thought of the vote-tampering issue as one that needs to be worked on separately from the actual voting.  But conditions have set the battlefield for us.  We have arrived at an election where we must defeat vote-tampering now, by not accepting the tampered-with “outcome” of the election, or we will never have the opportunity to address the problem through legislation.

The good news is that there is so much evidence of tampering that investigation and the use of law enforcement and the courts are clearly, incontrovertibly warranted.  By any fair reading, Trump is right to sue for access to ballot-counting venues and demand recounts, and the DOJ is right to investigate complaints of voting problems and irregularities.

Moreover, the situation of the suspect activity – in the exact battleground states that announced on election night, at the moment Trump was leading by a significant margin, that they would have no results any time soon – could hardly be more flagrant.  We are being asked to swallow multiple unlikely (indeed, impossible) coincidences in exactly those states; e.g., not only that 130,000 ballots conveniently were added for Biden in a big batch, enough to change the lead in Wisconsin from Trump to Biden, but that in Milwaukee, where this occurred, voter participation not only surged to an unprecedented 89%, but did so through the same-day registration of some 900,000 voters.

Those non-credible raw-number events aren’t apparently related to each other, and could not be: same-day registered voters couldn’t have submitted mail-in ballots, to which the 130,000 lead-changing votes for Biden are being attributed.  So the point is not that one unbelievable event facilitated the other.  It’s that the unbelievable events are piling on top of each other.  There are too many to shrug off.

That, it turns out, is a feature, not a bug, as we survey the options.  Here are two perspectives on watching an attempt to cook the election unfold right before our eyes.

The first is that America is being given a divinely ordered lesson in our astonishing level of corruption, and that we must wittingly accept whatever terrible punishment will ensue from living under the lash of that corruption, in order to have our sins expiated and our national soul purified.

The other is that we are being given the most extraordinary level of battlefield intelligence ever handed to a people on a platter, and being offered a fight that we can win – if we don’t give up.

Only you can decide how you see it, and what you are going to do about it.  But this is the fight. Fighting the vote tampering in this election is the fight for America’s future.  We fight here, or we face the darkness Ronald Reagan warned about in his seminal 1964 speech at the Republican National Convention.

Conservatives have recognized for years that voting in America has to be restored to a process with reliable authentication.  It has been manifest for those same many years that it will not happen through legislation, in spite of the public’s consistent preference for voter ID in surveys, and the number of states where legislatures have in fact mandated voter ID.

I urge you to open your eyes and see: this is how the integrity of the vote will be restored.  This fight, right here.

This is for all the marbles.  See it for what it is: not a dreadful burden, but an opportunity.  If integrity prevails in this fight – not through physical clashes but through the prosaic processes and application of law – we can never go back to the days of blatant vote-tampering, done without penalty.

The people will be forced to see what happened in this election.  The vote tampering will be the subject of statements from law enforcement and evidence in court.  Everything – every specious argument about “suppression,” every sentimental demand for voting processes to have no constraints at all – will have to be argued, not in the op-ed pages, but before judges in court, most of whose standard is the law as written.

Unlike previous instances, this election has the ingredient necessary to ensure we will know about it.  It has President Trump.  The media have never yet succeeded in preventing him from getting his message out.  They aren’t going to now.  If he fights, the fight happens.  If he fights, we know what it’s for.

This is it.  Fellow blogger Daniel Greenfield tweeted on Wednesday that this is for the long game, and he’s right.

This is where we are appointed to stand and fight.  I believe this is where we are anointed to stand and fight.

We know we have no hope and no future if our elections are corrupt and can be weaponized against us at will.  We know that is the path to death.

This is it.  What is set before us this day is life, or death.

Choose life.


Final point: a bracing homily from Newt Gingrich on Hannity Thursday evening.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer is a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California, blogging as The Optimistic Conservative for domestic tranquility and world peace. Her articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s Contentions, Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard.


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