Trump ‘says so many things that aren’t true,’ says Biden as he spins another web of deceit

Trump ‘says so many things that aren’t true,’ says Biden as he spins another web of deceit
When hopes Biden remembered to wash his hands after touching the exposed part of his mask, which is one of the ways the virus is spread. (Image: AIR TV screen grab)

Says the guy who brags he graduated in the top half of his law school class (he finished 76th in a law school class of 85) and was arrested in South Africa when he attempted to visit Nelson Mandela in prison (former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young, who was traveling with him, has refuted the story). (RELATED: If you pare away Biden’s mental unfitness and rape allegations, you’re still left with his lying and plagiarism)

Perhaps to illustrate what he meant by accusing the president of “say[ing] so many things that aren’t true,” Biden provided his audience with an example of a lie of his own. Referring to reports that scientists may have a COVID-19 vaccine by November, Biden says in the video below:

The problem is the way he [Trump] is playing with politics. He says so many things that aren’t true I’m worried if we do have a really good vaccine, people are going to be reluctant to take it. So he’s undermining public confidence.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The president is the one undermining public confidence? Interesting. No sooner had word of a possible vaccine by November made headlines than the Left began cranking out stories about how it was a ploy by Trump to attract voters. Biden’s own running mate, Kamala Harris, said that she “would not trust his  word,” referring to Donald Trump, “on getting the vaccine.” The New York Times teased an article on Twitter by noting that “the CDC told public health officials in all 50 states to prepare for a possible coronavirus vaccine by early November, raising concerns over politicized timing.” [Emphasis added]

To demonstrate his own purity and commitment to the American people, Biden concluded his message in the above video by saying, “If I could get a vaccine tomorrow I’d do it; if it would cost me the election I’d do it.”

From his mouth…

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