Biden forgets how many grandchildren he has … again

Biden forgets how many grandchildren he has … again
Joe Biden (Image: YouTube screen grab)

The day after Joe Biden delivered his nothingburger of an acceptance speech for the Democratic presidential nomination, Fox News analyst Juan Williams crowed to his fellow panelists on “The Five,” “I guess some Republicans are going to have egg on their face.” Williams was referring to the fact that Biden managed to read a script prepared for him off a teleprompter without stumbling over any of the words or losing his place. (RELATED: Joe Biden does battle with a teleprompter. Spoiler alert: The teleprompter wins)

Williams wasn’t the only left-leaning commentator to give the Democratic nominee a clean bill of mental health. Writing at The Critic, Oliver Wiseman delivers this faint praise:

[T]he most important thing about Biden’s speech wasn’t what he said, but how he said it. The Democratic nominee’s biggest weaknesses are his age and unfortunate record of rhetorical clumsiness. The Trump campaign is desperate for the caricature of a doddering grandfather to stick in the public imagination. There should be higher hurdles for presidential candidates to clear than demonstrating they are compos mentis, but we are where we are, and last night Biden was lucid and energetic. Even the Fox News anchors had to hand it to him.

So can we now consider the matter of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline to be a closed topic? Not quite. During his “conversation” with entertainer Cardi B, last week he got the number of grandchildren  he has wrong — again. PJ Media reports:

At the very beginning of the interview, Cardi B attempted to talk about her two-year-old daughter and Biden jumped in to declare that there is no more caring individual than himself when it comes to kids. That why he forgot two of his grandkids.

You’re telling me. I got four kids, five grandkids. Come on, I’m an expert. I understand about kids. They’re the most important thing in the world. They come first.

Here’s the snippet from the interview.

Previously, he’s “forgotten” to count Hunter Biden’s latest love child from his corps of grandkids, but this time Biden forgot two of them.

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