In convention speech Michelle Obama accuses Trump of ‘throwing kids in cages.’ Really

In convention speech Michelle Obama accuses Trump of ‘throwing kids in cages.’ Really
She prefers a man women can respect and trust.

If the Democratic convention so far is the best the party can do, Republicans should just sit back and relax. The opposition party is doing all the heavy lifting to get Donald Trump reelected.

In addition to giving serial sex offender Bill Clinton a bully pulpit last night, on night one the DNC made convention history by inserting a musical interlude into the festivities. For some reason, they decided to cede broadcast time to aging rocker Stephen Stills and actor Billy Porter for a reprise of “For What It’s Worth,” which harks back to Stills’s Buffalo Springfield days.

As to what the performance of the protest anthem was worth, Twitter users were split. Some praised the ballad, while another user called it “a God awful performance.” The tiebreaker, a user who goes by the handle, Blue Colorado Dump Trump declared the performance to be “really cheesy.”

But the main attraction Monday was keynote speaker Michelle Obama, who branded Donald Trump “a cancer that will slowly kill American democracy.” This from the woman was never proud of America until it elected her husband to office.

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As evidence of Trump’s carcinogenic tendency, Mrs. Obama accused him at one point of tearing children from their families and throwing them in cages.

Now, class, where have we seen this fatuous and long since debunked claim before? Oh, right. It was in 2019 when a photograph of a child behind what looked like a chain link fence went viral, accompanied by condemnations of Trump’s “inhumanity.” But as was pointed out in this space and others, the picture in question was originally published in 2014, during the Obama presidency. Even Obama’s own DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson came forward and avowed that the cages were built on his boss’s watch.

Michelle Obama’s comment was so ignorant  that the Associated Press fact-checked her claim and pronounced it false, adding, “The reference to cages is misleading and a matter that Democrats have persistently distorted.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."