Denver: Brutal physical assault by BLM cuts off Michelle Malkin speech at pro-police rally

Denver: Brutal physical assault by BLM cuts off Michelle Malkin speech at pro-police rally
Michelle Malkin, right, reacts in horror after women with collapsible batons set on her and other women at pro-police rally. Michelle Malking video via Twitter

Michelle Malkin’s ultimate question seemed to be: why did the Denver police, who were present during the assault on her (and others), stand by and let it happen?

That appears to be a good question. Malkin was scheduled to appear at “Colorado’s 6th Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” on Sunday afternoon (July 19), an event advertised as “family friendly” and offering food, music, and speakers at Denver’s Civic Center Park.

Malkin live-streamed the event on Periscope, and thus caught much of the action when thugs whom she identified as being from Antifa and BLM attacked an event organizer who had just given an invocation.  At American Thinker, Pete Berry Chowka has some of the tweets she sent later narrating what happened in the harrowing few minutes until security volunteers managed to get her off the stage to the safety of a vehicle.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“Antifa thugs bum-rushed the stage,” tweeted Malkin late Sunday night (Mountain time).  “I filmed the guy with the huge longboard that pro-police organizer Ron McLaughlin was beaten with just minutes after praying.”

BLM attackers followed with the assault on Malkin, a diminutive woman of 50 — a long-time conservative pundit and activist — who is the child of Filipino immigrants.  As Chowka recounts it, “several individuals identifying themselves as Black Lives Matter accost Malkin as one or more of them unfurl collapsible batons and begin pushing and beating on Malkin. In the process, she loses a shoe and is eventually assisted in escaping to a waiting car by the event’s security volunteers.”

In another tweet, Malkin observes that she and others were hit with spray string: “BLM bit*hes attacked several women on stage. We were sprayed in our faces w/aerosol string, which @kyleclark thinks is hilarious. BLM girl takes off mask & lays hand on woman in front of me as I shout at her to get back.”

Malkin went on:  “One of our people was beaten on stage by invading BLM/Antifa. Then BlackBloc lady took out baton. That’s why I screamed @kyleclark. The crap BLM bit*h sprayed in my face was still all over me.”

We duly note that the BLM attacker who got in Malkin’s face had her mask pulled down.  Apparently the mask was merely for show – or perhaps for identity concealment, outside of the few seconds when the woman was attacking the speakers on stage.

Malkin also pointed out afterward that a social media post had warned police that black bloc thugs intended to shut the rally down.  “No parties for the pigs!” their posting read.  “Shut down pro-police rally. 7.19 2PM.”

The physical injuries to organizer Ron MacLachlan were significant.

At least one reply on Twitter was from a user who wondered why they weren’t “better prepared.”

Maybe because they were in Denver and experience up to now hadn’t led them to anticipate a literal attack by the black bloc groups.  If they were in Seattle, Portland, or the San Francisco Bay area, they probably would have seen it coming.

In the future, probably, we all will.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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