Heads of a radical Hydra

Heads of a radical Hydra
Does Western Civilization have any Hercules left in it? Vase painting of Hydra vs. Hercules from Ancient Greece 6th century B.C. Getty Museum, Malibu (Insets LU Staff)

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the globalist elite standing behind them are driven by the desire not for reforms, but for the total destruction of Western civilization.  In their hatred they merge with the “jihadists.”

In April 1918, the Bolshevik government headed by Vladimir I. Lenin signed the decree “On the Monuments of the Republic.”  Monuments “in honor of the kings and their servants” were to be demolished, but with a substantial reservation:  if they had no “significance from either historical or cultural point of view.” This allowed preserving a significant part of the cultural and architectural heritage of Russia.

Thanks to it, in our time tourists can see the beautiful monuments of Russian tsars and emperors – although all of them were “ruthless exploiters of the working people.”  Peter the Great, for example, who built Saint Petersburg on the bones of millions of peasants; Catherine the Great; Alexander I of Russia (e.g., the famous Alexandrovskaya Kolonna in Petersburg); Paul I of Russia, and so on.  The People’s Commissariat for Education even preserved the monument to Nicholas I because of its cultural value (the monument was erected by the French architect Auguste de Montferrand).  This, although Nicholas I is traditionally considered retrograde and tyrannical in Russian historiography.  Surely no one could even think of demolishing monuments to Russian victorious generals and sailors, great scientists, composers, writers and poets. Thus, in St. Petersburg, they preserved the monument to the sailors of the Russian battleship Imperator Alexander III (1908) who died during the Battle of Tsushima Strait against Japan.

Peterhof Palace, commissioned by Peter the Great in the 18th century, survived the 1917 revolution in St. Petersburg. Pixabay, Credit: rperucho

Moreover, instead of desecrating monuments to the great, as Antifa did with the monument to Miguel de Cervantes in San Francisco, the Bolshevik government erected monuments to many great figures of the past, such as poets Heine and Goethe.

For the Bolsheviks, these people were not faceless and odious “DWEMs” (Dead White European Males), but an object of national pride, part of the heritage of world culture. Yes, the Bolsheviks dreamed about a “new world,” but unlike Antifa and BLM, they didn’t want to lose continuity with the past.  On the contrary, they attempted to emphasize and claim it in every possible way.

Do I mean to say that the Bolsheviks were better than Antifa and the BLM?  Not exactly.  I want to say that in this sense, they were much better than them!

Antifa and BLM cannot stand comparison with Lenin and Trotsky.  No!  There is only one relevant analogy: the “Islamic State,” or ISIS.  That’s where we really see a complete and stunning resemblance: the desire for a total destruction of history as such; destruction of all artifacts of the “old world,” regardless of their historical and cultural value.

Monuments to Columbus, Theodore Roosevelt, Nelson, Churchill, Kipling, Cervantes, even Lincoln and Gandhi are doomed to destruction like the masterpieces of Palmyra, the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, the Assyrian Nimrud and the library of Mosul.  Is it not symbolic that both ISIS and the “fighters against racism” are calling for the demolition of the Giza pyramids?

Some would say it’s already begun: Remains of a toppled and desecrated statue of George Washington in Portland, Ore. (Image: Twitter screen grab)

The resemblance is not limited to the demolition of monuments and destruction of artifacts. The fundamental similarity of the ideologies is also manifested in the emphasis on destruction of personality in their human victims.  The Bolsheviks committed many disgusting and monstrous bloody crimes, but they didn’t put people on their knees.  That is a weapon from the arsenal of other cultures.

There is a deep and ancient symbolism in this very action.  A human put down on his knees ceases to be a human. He is turned into a slave, a worm that can be crushed – or perhaps can be spared.  But even when spared, he is no longer a human being.  He is a worm.

Such methods were widely practiced in Asian-style tyranny of the past and present; for example, during the “cultural revolution” in Maoist China and under Pol Pot’s regime. They have been replicated by ISIS and today have become a way of subjugating the “white masses” of the West too.

The similarity between the current “revolutionaries” of the West and the Islamic State is not limited to symbolism.  It is much deeper. A significant part of the Russian elite supported the Bolshevik revolution, just as the Western elite supports the BLM and Antifa now. The overthrow of Tsar Nicolas II occurred with the direct support of Russian generals, many of whom, as (famously) Aleksei Brusilov, subsequently sided with the Bolsheviks.  The Russian intelligentsia thirsted for the destruction of monarchy.  Many representatives of the nobility, like Minister of Foreign Affairs Georgy Chicherin, People’s Commissar of Education Anatoly Lunacharsky, writer Count Alexei Tolstoy, and Count Aleksey Ignatyev, worked for the Bolsheviks’ Government.

However, there is a significant difference.  Aristocrats who served Soviet Russia thirsted not to destroy their country, but to change it for the better.  The globalists behind Antifa and the BLM don’t thirst for reforms.  They thirst for the total destruction of Western civilization as such: the destruction of nation-states and national democracies in the name of their utopias or dubious interests.

Image: YouTube screen grab

The revolutionaries of Russia can be understood, if not justified.  They dealt with dying despotism, an obsolete “prison of nations.”  Current progressives and globalists have inherited healthy, stable, and prosperous communities that eliminated or nearly eliminated essentially all the flaws and shortcomings of the past.  They don’t demolish dying, rotten regimes.  Instead they bulldoze forceful democratic states.

They are driven by blind hatred and they are no different from the builders of the “new Caliphate.”

Like the progressives in the West, the Sunni “jihadists” and revolutionary Iran are absolutely indifferent to the fate of Muslim states.  They are ready to destroy entire countries completely and they do it without the slightest remorse wherever they can: in Syria, Libya or Yemen.

Antifa and BLM receive support from Western globalist elites; ISIS and “jihadists” receive the same from respected Islamic clergy.  Two heads of a radical Hydra torment the body of the world civilization.

However, this Hydra has problems.  Her heads can’t tolerate rivalry, and at the earliest opportunity they will cross swords.  One doesn’t have to be a prophet to predict who will be the winner in this battle.

Alexander Maistrovoy

Alexander Maistrovoy

Alexander Maistrovoy is an Israeli journalist. He has written for Arutz Sheva, Gates of Vienna, and the New English Review, and is the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger),” available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


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