No time to teach your kids what a racist hellhole the U.S. is? Sesame Street’s got your back

No time to teach your kids what a racist hellhole the U.S. is? Sesame Street’s got your back
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“Sesame Street” is brought to you by the letters F, U, C,… well, you get the idea. We should be used to it by now. This is the United States where the Left can’t wait to get its hands on the impressionable minds of pre-school-age children so it can clutter them with all manner of liberal doctrine. Never mind whether Johnny can read. The educational system nowadays cares only about whether Johnny is proficient in fisting, blood play, oral sex, and other sexually explicit content that has no business in a public school.

In the UK, which is more “enlightened” than we, children as young as 6 being taught to masturbate. One UK school assigned 6-year-olds the writing of a gay love letter. Specifically, the kids were asked to “imagine themselves in the role of Prince Henry, who wants to profess his love for and gay marry his man servant ‘Thomas.’”

But don’t fear that the U.S. is lagging. In the wake of two weeks of often-violent protest following the police killing of George Floyd, the children’s show “Sesame Street” is teaching young, inquiring minds that America is racist.

According to The Morning Call, the show aired last Saturday morning as a joint venture between Sesame Workshop (formerly the Children’s Television Workshop) and CNN (who else?). Its purpose was “to help kids and families understand the nationwide protests on racial injustice.”

Here’s a portion:

But what’s indoctrination without a little “cancel culture” thrown in? Toward this end, The Lego Group, makers of the interlocking bricks and figures, has that is has temporarily ceased marketing its LEGO City Police Station and two dozen other products with a law enforcement theme. The company for some reason has also stopped promoting its LEGO City Fire Station. Maybe they know something that we don’t (i.e., that firefighters are the next group of public servants who lay their lives on the line to be accused of racism by the Left).

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