‘Science, science, science’: Pelosi wipes her nose, touches House podium

‘Science, science, science’: Pelosi wipes her nose, touches House podium
Maxine Waters wearing her face mask as a chin supporter (Image via Twitter)

Q: Which of the two major political parties in the U.S. alone believes in science?

The answer, which is anathema to the Democrats, is “the party who recognizes the stupidity of the question.” Science, as any scientist can tell you, is not a matter of faith. Nor does it rely on “consensus of opinion,” one of Pres. Barack Obama’s favorite yardsticks for measuring the seriousness of global warming. As Forbes magazine science writer Ethan Siegel noted, “Part of having a working mind means having the confidence to gather, synthesize and draw conclusions from the information you can access yourself.” Which is what scientists do.

In spite of this, the Left, which wouldn’t know a null hypothesis if it fell on them, is forever lecturing the rest of us on “science.” It resumed its bully pulpit with the arrival on our shores of COVID-19.

In late March, deep thinker Nancy Pelosi haughtily addressed the issue of coronavirus and faith. Getting the pandemic under control, she admonished, “won’t happen unless we respect science, science, science.  And for those who say we choose prayer over science, I say science is an answer to our prayers.”

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Gallileo could not be reached for comment.

The speaker displayed her own mastery of the science of epidemiology yesterday. Having just returned to the Capitol from her mansion overlooking San Francisco Bay, the speaker was lamenting the plight of many Americans when she reached a finger up to her evidently-running nose, and then returned her hand to the podium. Watch:

Around the same time Pelosi was preaching “science, science, science,” presidential hopeful Joe Biden, who like Pelosi has chided Donald Trump for his unscientific reaction to the pandemic, gave an interview to CNN’s Jake Tapper from the campaign “command center” in his home basement. At one point, Biden coughed into his hand, and Tapper chided him. “You know, you’re supposed to cough into your elbow,” Tapper said. “I learned that, actually, covering your White House.”

Biden’s “scientific” response? “Actually, that’s true. But fortunately, I’m alone in my home, but that’s OK.,” Biden said.

Home alone? Hmm. While it’s possible that Biden has mastered Skyping, a more likely scenario is that at least other person was in the room recording him. In addition, whatever droplets the former vice president coughed into his hand will be spread to every surface he touches and live for there hours, if not days.

Pelosi and Biden aren’t the only members of the party of science failing to heed the safety instructions of the health experts. As the Daily Caller notes, conservative commentator Caleb Hull has tweeted photos from Thursday’s session showing a number of representatives misusing face masks. One appears at the top of the page.

Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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