Michael Moore blames Donald Trump for Sanders’s loss in Michigan primary

Michael Moore blames Donald Trump for Sanders’s loss in Michigan primary
Michael Moore (Image: Fox News video screen grab)

If you know anything about the far-left politics of filmmaker Michael Moore, you will not be surprised to learn he is a supporter of Bernie Sanders. And if you know anything at all about the way the liberal mind works, you will not be surprised to learn that Moore blames Sanders’s loss in the in the Michigan primary on Tuesday on none other than Donald Trump.

What is Moore’s rationale, if it can be called that? As he opined on MSNBC, the people of Michigan, of which he is one, are “frightened, they’re demoralized, there is a malaise that has spread across this country and certainly through Michigan, and people can’t take one more day of this. The fact that this coronavirus has driven home just how much danger we’re in with this individual in the White House that … asking people to do two things — get rid of Trump and get rid of the system … that gave us Trump … was too much to ask.” Watch:

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So is Moore saying that Michigan voters were so dispirited and overwhelmed that they stayed home on Tuesday? Then who were the people in the “long lines wrapping down hallways and staircases in various polling locations as young voters waited for hours to cast their ballots in Michigan cities like Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor and East Lansing,” according to NBC News? It sounds as though those voters were your typical Sanders supporters, in which case there simply must have been more Biden supporters — enough of them in fact to give the former vice president a solid victory in the state. So how is that electoral outcome Trump’s fault?

Moore is not the only Democrat to blame outcomes that displease them on Donald Trump or his supporters. When Kamala Harris was forced out of the race due to a clear lack of enthusiasm among voters, Democrats blamed her departure on Trump-inspired racism and/or sexism. But even if we concede that Donald Trump is racist and sexist, it remains a fact that Harris’s support among Republican voters was so minuscule as to be virtually non-existent. So were the racists and sexists who refused to support her candidacy racists and sexists Democrats?

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