Fired Ukraine prosecutor Shokin files complaint, demands probe of Joe Biden

Fired Ukraine prosecutor Shokin files complaint, demands probe of Joe Biden
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Viktor Shokin is fighting back. The former Ukrainian Prosecutor General filed a complaint with Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigation demanding an investigation of former Vice Pres. Joe Biden for “illegal influence on him as the prosecutor general of Ukraine.” Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings and their management, which included Biden’s son Hunter, when he was fired because Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine. Shokin claims Biden’s pressure was a violation of Ukrainian and International Law.

Per an English translation of Shokin’s complaint published by French website Les-Crises, Hunter Biden was part of the investigation:

During the period 2014-2016, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine was conducting a preliminary investigation into a series of serious crimes committed by the former Minister of Ecology of Ukraine Mykola Zlotchevsky and by the managers of the company “Burisma Holding Limited “(Cyprus), the board of directors of which included, among others, Hunter Biden, son of Joseph Biden, then vice-president of the United States of America.

Shokin claims that Biden’s demand to have him fired was a violation of Article 243 of the Ukrainian Criminal code, which prohibits, “Any influence on a law enforcement officer for the purpose of interfering with his official duty or obtaining any unlawful decisions.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Les Crises further notes:

According to the conclusions of the International Law Association of 18.04.2017, made by the doctor of law, Professor O.O. Merezhko, at the time vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the request of the Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden concerning my ousting from the post of the Attorney General of Ukraine as a condition for the granting of financial (economic) assistance is qualified as pressure, which represents interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine on the part of a foreign power in violation of one of the principles of international law.

Apparently, Papa Joe got wind of what was going on and the possibility of arrests. Shokin does not indicate if Hunter was one of those suspected of being involved, but he does explain the former vice president’s actions. Again, from Les Crises:

Owing to my firm position on the above-mentioned cases regarding their prompt and objective investigation, which should have resulted in the arrest and the indictment of the guilty parties, Joseph Biden developed a firmly hostile attitude towards me which led him to express in private conversations with senior Ukrainian officials, as well as in his public speeches, a categorical request for my immediate dismissal from the post of Attorney General of Ukraine in exchange for the sum of US $ 1 billion in as a financial guarantee from the United States for the benefit of Ukraine.

Throughout the last months of 2015 and the first months of 2016 Joseph Biden, taking advantage of his position, came several times on official visits to Ukraine in order to negotiate with the leaders of the country my eviction and, consequently, the closing of the objective investigation into the offenses committed by persons associated with the company “Burisma Holding Limited” (Cyprus), including the son of the aforementioned US official.

Due to continued pressure from the Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden to oust me from the job by blackmailing the allocation of financial assistance, I, as the man who places the State interests above my personal interests, I agreed to abandon the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Even if Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigation conducts the investigation, unless it comes up with a smoking gun offered by someone other than Sholkin, it will lead nowhere. It’s too late to impeach Biden (that’s a good thing because it means he is not in office). Additionally, it’s difficult to believe that Ukraine under Zelensky would move against a presidential candidate until after the results of the presidential election, especially after the accusation that they interfered in the 2016 election.

Grab the popcorn. This may turn out to be very entertaining.

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