Warren’s campaign labels billionaires of Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern extraction as ‘white’

Warren’s campaign labels billionaires of Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern extraction as ‘white’

How much does presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren hate billionaires? So much so that she labels American billionaires of Asian or Middle Eastern ancestry as “white” on her campaign website.

As The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Peter Hasson notes:

The Massachusetts senator’s campaign website includes a page on “wealth inequality,” which featured a since-deleted graphic breaking down the 400 wealthiest Americans by race. The graphic included three categories: black, white and Latino (the campaign uses the left-wing term “Latinx”).

According to the graphic, only six of the top 400 wealthiest Americans are non-white — but that’s not accurate. The campaign appears to have classified at least 14 American billionaires of Asian, Indian, and Middle-Eastern descent as “white.”

Pierre Omidyar, for example … the founder of eBay, is the son of Iranian immigrants. Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan … is number 61 on the list. Number 85 on Forbes’ list is Patrick Soon-Shiong, who was born in South Africa to Chinese parents.

Make no mistake. Warren, the person, has no objection to money or wealth accumulation. According to Forbes, she herself is worth $12 million, and it’s highly doubtful she would thumb her nose at the prospect of controlling more personal wealth.

Note also the double insult in her mislabeling of American billionaires of foreign extraction as “white.” (Shades of when the media branded George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin, a “white Hispanic.”) Being white in Warren’s view seems to be nearly as bad as being ultra-rich. One is to tempted to ask if she’s ever looked in a mirror.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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