Man accused of hate crime for refusing to have sex with ‘trans’ woman who has male genitalia

Man accused of hate crime for refusing to have sex with ‘trans’ woman who has male genitalia
Image: Ria Cooper

Maybe Ria Cooper should hang a sign around her neck reading “All sales final.” That might help forestall disappointments like the one she suffered recently when a photographer who offered to help her pursue a career as a nude model and porn actress rescinded the offer after discovering that Cooper, who was born as a male, still has her “junk.” (RELATED: Transgender ‘woman’ sues salon because Muslim employee refused to wax ‘her’ testicles)

A local English tabloid, the Hull Daily News, reports that the 25-year-old Cooper is pursuing legal action against the photographer, who she alleges is guilty of “transphobia.”

“This is absolutely f*cking disgusting behaviour,” Cooper is quoted as saying of the photographer’s buyer’s remorse, adding:

No one should be treated like this — this is discriminating and appalling behaviour.

This man messaged me saying he wanted to take my picture, have sex with me and film it to make money and then once he found out I was trans he stopped all contact with me.

I am reporting this as a hate crime. It’s like calling someone who is black the ‘N’ word. I doesn’t matter if I have c*nt or not. The pictures should be judged as they are.

A the risk of appearing to take sides (I would never want to come off as unfair or judgmental), I would say that Cooper needs to remove her blinders with respect to her current sexual identity. It’s not her being transgender that necessarily gave the photographer pause but the reality that the market for
“glamour” photos of shemales is likely pretty limited, even in these “woke” times.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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