Kamala is Finnish for … ‘atrocious photoshop’?

Kamala is Finnish for … ‘atrocious photoshop’?
Prize-worthy. Via Twitter, WFB

The word “kamala” does, in fact, have a Finnish meaning, although Senator Kamala Harris was given her name because of her Indian heritage.  In Finnish, “kamala” is an adjective meaning “atrocious.”

Like Linda Sarsour, whose surname means “cockroach,” and Nancy Pelosi, whose married surname means “hairy,” or “hirsute,” Harris and other high-profile public figures sometimes have such crosses to bear.  (Who can forget “moderate” Republican Dede Scozzafava of New York, whose name means “bean-shucker”?)

But we’re digressing here.  The point of this QT is to bring you the latest in really, really bad photoshopping.  It’s so bad, it’s like someone wanted to perpetrate a Paranormal Hunters parody  and neglected to get a competent five-year-old to do it for him.

Screen cap via WFB

The original tweet with this “upgrade to Harris!” theme may or may not have been scrubbed by now.  It’s being ratioed mercilessly on social media.  Check that out at the link.  We’ll go with the screen-capped image.

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The original photo has its own problematic aspects.  There was no Harris in it, but there was a Trump.  Apparently, Nancy Pelosi thought it made her look tough to be standing and gesticulating at the president in his house.  She really doesn’t get it.  The power seat is the one you stay seated in.  The standing, hovering, noisemaking people are in the non-power positions.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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