Historian fears a gay genocide – but is he looking in the right place?

Historian fears a gay genocide – but is he looking in the right place?

It has already begun – in the very citadel of the West.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, Israeli historian Yuval Harari gave an interview to The Guardian in which he warned that the 21st century could see a dramatic rise in persecution of gays.  Harari is known as the author of popular bestsellers and as a guru for progressivists. In his opinion, the main threat to the LGBT community comes from countries where, having obtained the freedom they desire, they have been turned into scapegoats:  in Eastern Europe –  most of all Poland and Hungary – and Russia.

Such an assertion is not something new. But it is interesting that it is being repeated by one of the most talented and outstanding representatives of the Western elite.  It is evidence of how deeply prostrated and divorced from reality the members of that elite are.  Even such obvious and shocking things as the Orlando nightclub massacre were not able to make them look at the world realistically.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

So, let’s consider: nationalists, racists, homophobes.

Poland, Hungary, Russia …

A Google search for Attacks on homosexuals in Poland / Hungary / Russia leads us to a lot of articles about the supposed hatred toward gays incited by authorities in those countries.  As Harari did, they remind us about the Russian gay propaganda law.  They have frightening headlines like these:

Hungary and Poland: EU capitals of homophobia

Viktor Orbán’s anti-Enlightenment discourse and nationalism stir homophobia in Hungary

How Poland’s attacks on LGBT rights strengthened the Polish LGBT movement

Poland’s Populists Pick a New Top Enemy: Gay People

‘There shouldn’t be any gays or deviations’: Polish towns go LGBT free.

Haaretz completed the list of homophobic countries with USA under the leadership of Donald Trump.

But in Poland, statistics on violence do not show attacks on homosexuals in recent years.  In Hungary, the last serious incident was violence against participants of the “Gay Pride” march in 2008.

In Russia, Aleksandr Kondakov, a sociologist at the European University in St. Petersburg, exposed the following data (which excludes Muslim Chechnya): “If before 2013, there were on average 32 cases based on hatred to LGBTs, in 2015, there were already 65,” Kondakov says.  Is that a lot for a country with a population of more than 140 million?  Kondakov points out, however, that the attitude towards gays in bigger cities (where their majority lives) is much more tolerant.

Now let’s do a similar Google search for “Attacks against homosexuals in UK / Germany / France.”  We get the following results.

Great Britain

Independent:  “Attacks on LGBT people surge almost 80% in UK over last four years.”

Over the past years, as we know, there has been a massive influx of migrants from Asia and Africa. You do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to find the cause-effect relation.

Wikipedia: “Hate crimes against transgender people in England, Scotland and Wales, as recorded by police, increased 81% from the 2016-17 fiscal year (1,073 crimes) to the 2018-19 fiscal year (1,944 crimes)”.

Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC.co.uk), January 2019: “London Gang Douse Victims In Acid During Homophobic Attack Caught On CCTV.”   The names of the attackers:  Huseyin Onel, Mehmet Tekagac, Onur Ardic, Guven Ulas, Mustafa Kiziltan, Serkan Kiziltan.  True Polies, aren’t they?


The Irish Times, July 2018:

The culture clash is particularly obvious in multicultural neighbourhoods like Neukölln, where groups of Arab-speaking men sit outside shisha bars across the road from gay bars. “The mood has got worse in the last two years,” said Maurus Knowles, a gay bar owner here who has been attacked himself and fears the mood is “beginning to tip”. Some point to the 2015-2016 arrival of more than one million migrants – many raised in homophobic cultures in Afghanistan, Syria and northern Africa – and a 12 per cent rise in hate crimes against homosexuals in the same period.

Breitbart (citing Berliner Zeitung), Oct 2018:

A Berlin anti-violence project has claimed that attacks on homosexuals have never been so common in the German capital, with most of the attackers being young migrant-background men.

In 2017 alone, 324 violent incidents and threats toward homosexuals was reported to the Berlin anti-homophobic violence group Project Maneo which claimed that around a third of the complaints involved bodily injury, Berliner Zeitung reports.

The vast majority of the homophobic assaults in the city have occurred in the districts of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, and Neukölln. Almost all of the perpetrators of violence are men from migrant backgrounds, according to the head of Project Maneo Bastian Finke.


France 24, November 2018:

In France, the spate of homophobic attacks on record is just ‘the tip of the iceberg’. An increasing number of victims of anti-LGBT violence in France have spoken out over recent weeks, as rights groups have warned of a spike in attacks and the government has confirmed a 15 percent increase since the start of 2018.

Breitbart (citing Le Parisien), Dec 2018: “French Islamist Allegedly Plotted To Kill Men After Luring Them on Gay Dating Apps

Breitbart (citing Actu 17):

A 21-year-old migrant from Tunisia has been arrested following a brutal attack in which a homosexual man was stabbed to death and his friend was disembowelled just outside of Paris. The murder and attempted murder are just the latest attacks on LGBT individuals in Paris by migrants and follow the fatal shooting of transgender prostitute Vanesa Campos last year in Paris’ 16th arrondissement. Nine migrants, believed to be members of a local gang that routinely robbed prostitutes and their clients, were arrested in connection with the murder. … Earlier this year a similar case saw four North African migrants arrested in connection to the drowning death of a transgender woman in Switzerland. The migrants were accused of sexually abusing 27-year-old Gaëlle P. after getting her intoxicated and then leaving her to drown in the nearby lake.

Maybe this is due to the influence of intolerant Hungarians who happen to live in North Africa.

Yuval Harari complains that homosexuals are increasingly beginning to support nationalists in Europe; in particular, Marine Le Pen. Why is this happening?

He can get an answer from an activist of the National Front, a 20-year-old college student named Guillaume Laroze, who once supported François Hollande:

Laroze is gay and says he was attacked by a group of people he believed were immigrants. It happened in a train station in Paris in September 2016, Laroze said. … “I was assaulted by three ‘opportunities for France,’” he remembered posting on social media after the incident. The phrase had become a sarcastic term used in nationalist circles ever since a Socialist leader described Muslims as “opportunities for France”.

In Sweden, a story on how “Migrants slaughter gay man and wrap snake round his neck” can be considered a triumph for multiculturalism.

The cultural record

Eastern Europeans and Russians do not welcome homosexuality.  However, there is a wide gap between “not greeting with open arms” and “hating.”

Poles, Hungarians, and Russians don’t intervene with the personal life of gays.  Gays here can have their own clubs, cafes, sites, forums.  In saying that, people in those countries do not want the LGBT community to impose their norms, ideas, and standards on society; to arrange exalted gay parades, agitate among children and adolescents, promote laws aimed at destroying basic “Judeo-Christian” values, as Hungary’s  Orban puts it.

Immigrants from the Middle East and Africa refuse to accept homosexuals at all, on principle.  In primitive communities, same-sex intercourse is acceptable only in one case: when an alpha male performs a public imitation of sexual intercourse with a defeated rival as a sign of the assertion of his superiority. This practice, taken from the primate world and being used by primitive people up until now, was reflected in the atrocities reported against Gaddafi and U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya.

All other variations of same-sex relationship are associated with shame and dishonor of the whole society. Transgender people are exterminated or banished as “defective individuals” or “devil’s creatures.”  These primitive ideas are imprinted tightly by a ruthless Islamic code.  Only 5% of Palestinians and 6% of Lebanese accept gay relationships, testifies Arab Barometer.

The educated elite of the West have invited savagery into to their homes.  They let the wolves into the pen of domestic rabbits, and then were surprised when the poor rabbits were attacked.

Harari fears a repeat of the Holocaust: this time, a kind of genocide of gays.  He is right to be concerned.  Such a genocide has already begun.  Not in Russia, Hungary, and Poland, but in England, France, and Germany.  Nevertheless, I’m an optimist and I hope that unlike Jews, gays will have a place to escape.  For example, the place could be the Hungary of Viktor Orban, where they can exist quite safely, albeit without vulgar and defiant exaltation.

Alexander Maistrovoy

Alexander Maistrovoy

Alexander Maistrovoy is an Israeli journalist. He has written for Arutz Sheva, Gates of Vienna, and the New English Review, and is the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger),” available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


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