Special LGBT-edition Oreos now on sale

Special LGBT-edition Oreos now on sale
Gay Oreos (Image via Twitter)

You might want to think twice about letting your kids eat the white “cream” at the center of these sandwich cookies. They are special-edition Oreos and they come packaged in a rainbow of colors to commemorate Pride Month, which ended Sunday.

Nabisco’s choice of Oreos as a vehicle for LGBT support is a curious one since the cookies already have a metaphorical meaning in American culture, being used to denigrate black people who refuse to be imprisoned by Democratic ideals. But in this sad day and age, liberals have displayed a penchant for attaching a new meaning to any symbol at the drop of a hat. The Betsy Ross flag represents white nationalism? Why not? The same is now true of the “OK” sign made by bringing together your thumb and forefinger.

The cookies themselves will be the familiar chocolate-brown, but the indoctrination will be laid on thick, as the company explains in its introductory pitch on Facebook:

Ah, yes, “Pronoun Packs,” featuring newly minted gender-oriented pronouns such as xe and zer. What could be a more perfect teaching tool for children who already fail by and large at identifying the right conventional pronoun to be used in standard English grammar. As the Facebook post notes, Nabisco is partnering in this endeavor with NCTE, short for the National Council of Teachers of English, which The Federalist advises “is in fact largely a political organization, not a professional organization, at this point.”

Assisting with these “pronoun packs” only makes publicly obvious what has been true about NCTE for decades. This is not just limited to NCTE, but is true of most of the major organizations involved in K-12 and higher education that exist under the cover of professional associations.

It may have occurred to some readers that another holiday is fast approaching that might have provided Nabisco with a reason to come out with a product using a red, white, and blue color scheme, but apparently those days are gone.

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LU Staff

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