Ilhan Omar ignores requests for her tax returns after demanding Trump’s

Ilhan Omar ignores requests for her tax returns after demanding Trump’s
All in the family: Ilhan Omar is in the center. On the right is her husband (and brother) Ahmed. (Image via Powdered Whig Society)

By Dean Garrison

In May Ilhan Omar was posing as a constitutional scholar, citing statutes that do not exist.

She intimated that President Trump must turn over his tax returns because the law requires it.

From Clarion:

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Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., already has stirred up tempests in Washington several times with her anti-Semitism.

Now she’s demanding that President Trump be held to a law that doesn’t exist.

It’s the latest front in the Democrats’ war on the Republican president following their now debunked Russia collusion claims.

Democrats in Congress now are targeting Trump’s family, and his private and personal interests before he became president.

Congress, for example is demanding copies of Trump’s tax returns, including those of his businesses before he was elected.

The president has rejected the demands.

Maybe Trump is being obstinate in his refusal to fork over his returns or maybe he has something to hide, as many on the Left have argued, but what’s Omar’s excuse?

From a woman who is alleged to have married her brother and has some obvious fraudulent filing issues, I suppose going on offense is the best she can muster.

She surely can’t defend her own case, so she is simply ignoring it.

Via Breitbart:

The Associated Press (AP) has confirmed that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) filed a joint tax return with one man while being legally married to another — and adds that she has ignored requests to release her tax returns.

Omar has joined Democrats in demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns, even claiming — oddly — that he had to do so because it was “required by law”:

The AP reports that it asked for Omar’s tax returns but received no response.

Last week, Minnesota State Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) told Breitbart News Tonight that Omar’s violations were part of a pattern of behavior: “I had never seen that amount of campaign finance law violations,” he said.

Maybe Trump should release his returns and maybe he shouldn’t, but for Rep. Omar I have only two words: Ladies first.

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