At Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking tour event, heckler speaks for many

At Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking tour event, heckler speaks for many
Bill and Hillary Clinton: different venue, same shtick (2017). Global News video, YouTube

Back in October 2018, the Clinton power couple announced an upcoming 2019 “stadium tour,” which would feature an evening with the two of them speaking to audiences and answering scripted questions.

We were skeptical at the time that the Clintons could fill an actual stadium.  Ticket sales were sluggish; in December, it was reported that the promoters had resorted to selling tickets on Groupon.  At the tour’s website, seats were listed starting at $89 and going up to $399.  But during the early Canadian leg of the tour, in late 2018, tickets were discounted to $6.55.

Maureen Callahan of the New York Post attended the kickoff of the U.S. tour this week at the Beacon Theater in New York City, where her ticket reportedly cost $210.

For that, she apparently did get to hear the Hall & Oates classic “You Make My Dreams Come True,” played as exit music at the end.

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She also got to witness Paul Begala, loyal Clinton adviser, ask “softball” questions like “What is happening to American politics?” and “How did you raise such an amazing daughter?”

This went on for 90 minutes.  Callahan doesn’t comment on how full the theater was.  She does describe the event as a “snoozefest,” in which the Clintons were “seated before a rapt audience of the converted — changing no minds, taking no questions from the crowd, brooking no chance that their narrative would be challenged.”

And what a narrative.  We might not spring for $210 ourselves, but who among us wouldn’t let our employer buy us a ticket to hear Bill Clinton hold forth in this vein?

Bill talk[ed] about the good old days when he was president, telling such surely apocryphal tales as bringing together two veterans, each missing one leg, and a “formidable” overweight black lesbian activist — the veterans later telling Bill, with tears in their eyes, that they had more in common with this woman than they ever would have thought.

The height of excitement for the evening, however, seemed to be when a heckler stood up in the front row and disrupted the script.

“Bill, this is boring!” he yelled. As he tried asking his question — “Why don’t you talk about — ” Hillary immediately began talking over him, saying that the “important political conversations” they were trying to have could be difficult, especially when interrupted by such “agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” shouted the man.

The heckler was referring to the billionaire crony of Bill Clinton whose case – of repeated, alleged instances of sex with underage girls – was settled with a non-prosecution agreement in 2007.

According to Callahan, the “heckler was, of course, swiftly hauled away, and the conversation returned to Bill talking about the good old days when he was president…”

Callahan doesn’t mention whether the lone and level sands also stretched far away.  But it seems like a good bet. Check here for upcoming engagements at a venue near you.

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