The irony in Dem Rep. Pramila Jaypal’s push for law ensuring ‘transgender freedom’

The irony in Dem Rep. Pramila Jaypal’s push for law ensuring ‘transgender freedom’
Pramila Jayapal (Image: YouTube screen grab)

On Tuesday, Rep. Pramila Jaypal (D-Wash.) spoke on the House floor as both a lawmaker and a parent, delivering an emotional appeal on behalf of HR. 5, the “Equality Act.” At times fighting back tears, Jaypal spoke of her “beautiful, now 22-year-old child [who] told me last year that they were gender nonconforming.”

I came to understand what their newfound freedom ― it is the only way I can describe what has happened to my beautiful child, what their newfound freedom to wear a dress, to rid themselves of some conformist stereotype of what they are, to be able to express who they are at their real core. … My child is free to be who they are.

So how does she seek to go about ensuring that her son “is free to be who they [sic] are”? By depriving other Americans of the freedom “to be who they are.” Breitbart’s Neil Munro explains:

… H.R. 5 … would require federal agencies to pressure Americans into agreeing that men and women can change their sex by declaring an opposite-sex “gender identity.”

But it wouldn’t stop at just requiring that all Americans indulge people in the fantasy that are not of the biological sex they were born into or, as in the case of Jaypal’s son, any sex at all. As Conservative Firing Line’s Faye Higbee notes, HR 5 would also “institute protections against anyone who might slip up and call a man a man instead of a woman based on his ‘gender identity’.” In other words, the law would mete out punishment to Americans refusing to play along. Higbee further notes that the measure “uses grand sounding words that hide the agenda to destroy anything that runs counter to the LGBTQ viewpoint.”

The bill is sponsored by 240 representatives, most of whom are Democrats. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) slammed it as one that “silences calls for fairness, flouts science and has no compassion for the women and children it marginalizes.” He added:

The biological differences between the sexes remain scientific and certain. … H.R. 5 nullifies “women and girls as a coherent legal category worthy of civil rights protection.” The bill privileges the rights of men who identify as women over biological women and girls. … Allowing men to compete against women in women’s sports isn’t demoralizing because female athletes … aren’t talented; it’s demoralizing because it makes their talent irrelevant. Martina Navratilova explained the threat H.R. 5 poses to women’s sports: “Unless you want to completely remake what Women’s Sports means, there can be no blanket inclusion rule. There is nothing stereotypical about this – it’s about fairness and it’s about science.”

But we now know, thanks to Jayapal, that this measure has nothing to do with “fairness.” It has everything to do with controlling and legislating the behavior of every single American.

Joe Newby

Joe Newby

Joe Newby is an IT professional. He has written for Conservative Firing Line, Examiner, NewsBusters, and Spokane Faith and Values.


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