College students support socialism — except when it comes to their GPA

College students support socialism — except when it comes to their GPA
Bernie Sanders does Socialist Face at the 2019 SOTU. CNBC video

By Neetu Chandak

Florida International University students were supportive of socialism, but the response was different when they were faced with the idea of a socialist GPA policy.

Students shared their views on socialism with Campus Reform, and some said they preferred socialism over capitalism.

“Socialism is more geared toward helping the people in your, um, you know, the governed,” one student told Campus Reform.

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Students had a different response when asked about a policy where those with the higher GPAs have to give some of the points to people at the bottom.

“It would be kind of like hypocritical for me to say no,” one student responded.

“No, I wouldn’t sacrifice my own things, like sacrifice my own time, to help somebody else who, um, didn’t want to make those same sacrifices,” another student said.

“You’re basically profiting off of my work for you, so who’s really the bad guy here?” yet another student said.

Here is the entire “man-on-the-street” interview courtesy of Campus Reform:

Meantime, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders recently said the Democratic Party could win the 2020 presidential election if socialism was better explained to people. The interview with students makes you wonder,

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