Bernie Sanders hires illegal alien as his press secretary

Bernie Sanders hires illegal alien as his press secretary
Belén Sisa (Image via Facebook)

Bernie Sanders does more than wear the socialist label after his name. He actually lives and breathes socialist ideals. So dedicated is he to at least the theory of socialism as a governing principle (ask him about Venezuela and he freezes) that he was willing to forsake his Judaism last month to privately express support for upstart Rep. Ilhan Omar anti-Semitic remarks she had made.

Though some liberal pundits have attempted to attach the modifier democratic to Sanders’s brand of socialism, arguing that he favors “a European-style capitalist system with greater regulation and more comprehensive social supports,” the 77-year-old showed his hand on Monday in his refusal to label Nicolás Maduro a dictator.

On Thursday Sanders once again reaffirmed his dedication to small S socialism by hiring an as his press secretary a woman who won’t be able to vote for her boss in 2020 because she is an illegal alien. Via the Washington Examiner:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The hiring of Belén Sisa, an Arizona leftist activist, was announced Wednesday evening. Sisa, who says she was brought to this country illegally from Argentina by her parents at age six, is currently protected from deportation under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.

It is possible that Sanders selected Sisa because of her loyalty to his brand — she was involved in Latino outreach for his 2016 presidential campaign — or maybe she is just a terrific communicator. But a more likely explanation is that she is not just here illegally but defiantly so. In 2017, she made waves — and national headlines — with an in-your-face Facebook post that went viral:

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