Pelosi’s border security fix: Improve border roads so it’s easier for aliens to enter U.S.

Pelosi’s border security fix: Improve border roads so it’s easier for aliens to enter U.S.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed she won’t authorize a penny toward the building of a wall on our southern border. That’s not to say she isn’t willing to spend taxpayers’ dollars on border security. So what’s her alternative to a wall?

She laid that out last Thursday in a presser on Capitol Hill during which she explained:

[The plan] we are proposing is to build the infrastructure of the ports of entry, to strengthen that, the ports of entry, spend the money, the hundreds of millions of dollars, but accessible to have the scanning technology to scan cars coming through for drugs, contraband of any kind, weapons even. …

[Democrats want to] repair the roads that facilitate immigration and trade in those regions. [Emphasis added]

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Pretty ingenious, eh? Illegal aliens who in the past have scaled border fences or waded across shallow stretches of the Rio Grande to avoid detection will now be drawn to the snazzy new roads at ports of entry, which, according to Pelosi, will make it easier for them to cross. Easier for Border Patrol, too, who will be waiting on the other side with open arms.

But let’s give her proposal a chance. She did mention adding scanners to detect contraband being smuggled through. It’s such a great idea that it’s almost surprising that no one thought of it sooner. In fact, radon scanners, X-rays, and gamma readers have been in use at the southern border for years.

The reason U.S. border agents have been unable to stem the flood of cocaine and other hard drugs into the country from Mexico can be traced to the sheer numbers of bad hombres intent on smuggling their illicit wares across the border. Last August the administration announced a joint effort with Mexico to hit the cartels where they live — by attacking their financial infrastructure.

In reality, international smuggling and illegal immigration are for the most part two separate problems. As fond as Democrats and the mainstream media are of emphasizing that walls will not stem the tide of drug and human trafficking, it’s equally unrealistic to suppose that paving the roads at ports of entry will staunch the flow of illegal aliens into our country.

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