Football Follies 2018: Bowl up

Football Follies 2018: Bowl up
Alabama kicks off to Clemson in the 2017-2018 Sugar Bowl CFP Semifinal. YouTube video

And you thought we’d miss the window out there.  For reasons we must honestly classify as “personal problems,” we’re once again slipping in under the wire with a Follies placeholder whose lameness will be legendary.

But Alabama and Clemson kick it off here in under an hour, even with the usual bloviating and padding to delay the opening bell, and the show must go on.  We are kind of meh at this point at the prospect of Alabama and Clemson having at each other again, but we’d never let on about that to Tide or Tiger fans.

Alabama is giving 5.5, as you would expect.

Meanwhile, we just have this to say about the Road to the Championship.  We notice that Oklahoma scored 34 points on Alabama, while Clemson scored 30 points on Notre Dame.  (Conversely, of course, Alabama scored 45 points on Oklahoma – although who doesn’t? – whereas Clemson held Notre Dame to 3.)

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We’re sure these facts unlock a mystery for us.  SEC fans will leap to their conclusions.  Dubious Big 12 and ACC fans will have their complex arguments.  (Who cares what the Independents fans think – we assume there are certified Independents fans – they took in Massachusetts as a stray.  That’s kind of the “You eat Tide Pods!” meme of the NCAA FBS.)

You could cut the insight with a knife, we’re just saying.

The championship game still has more than 6,400 tickets available, demonstrating clearly that seeing a big game in the Tiny Stadium in Santa Clara isn’t to everyone’s taste.  It would be a long hike for folks coming from South Carolina and Alabama.  For a lot of football fans coming from Los Angeles, accustomed to the much more accommodating Coliseum and Rose Bowl, Levi’s is just too Tiny.

Awesome viewing to all, and the best of luck to both teams.

Other ranks

We know everyone was watching when North Dakota State shocked the planet by downing Eastern Washington in the FCS championship on Saturday.  A lopsided game with a lot of turnovers.  Congrats to the Bison, once again, and to the Eagles for a fine season and a very respectable finish.

In other news, the Dallas Cowboys somehow got past the Seahawks in a totally unexpected wild card weekend win.  We’re still debating among our split personalities whether to keep following this melodrama as the playoffs ripen.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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