Who’s ready for a 2% white privilege tax and a 1% male privilege tax?

Who’s ready for a 2% white privilege tax and a 1% male privilege tax?
Lisa Jones (Image via Twitter)

Lisa Jones is. Jones, a self-proclaimed communist whose views place her way left of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the ideological spectrum, is bubbling over with great ideas, judging from her Facebook and Twitter pages. For example, she also advocates doing away with police, prisons, and money and believes that misgendering people who identify as transgender or nonbinary is an act of violence. Jones apparently hasn’t followed her modest proposals through to their logical conclusion since, if she had, she would have realized that with no police, prisons, or money there would be no way to punish offenders.

Which brings us back to her punitive anti-white and anti-male taxes and to the questions, respectively, 2% and 1% of what? If she is envisioning taxing real property, how frequently are these taxes to be levied? Daily? Hourly?

Not all of her ideas are novel. Take her recommendation that the White House be renamed “people’s house.” The presidential residence is already known as The People’s House, and Barack Obama beat her to the punch when it comes to bathing the building in rainbow colors.

When it comes to her prescription for a moneyless society, Jones’s naïveté is showing.

If people simply help themselves to groceries or shelter when the need arises, then they are effectively stealing someone else’s goods or property — unless Jones is under the misapprehension that elves stock supermarket shelves and are responsible for home construction.

It is possible that the social media pages attributed to Jones are spoofs. If so the joke is on the creator since a good many of the ideas presented are straight out of the far-left, politically correct gospel spouted by any number of personalities appearing on CNN and MSNBC. Example:

THE FUTURE ISN’T FEMALE! the future is nonbinary genderfluid queer and trans. the future is natives rising up against their colonizers and sex workers getting coin. the future is gay bi pan and ace. the future is people of colour and people with disabilities. the future is muslim. THE FUTURE IS INTERSECTIONAL!

Lisa A. Jones

(h/t Raging Gay Conservative)

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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