Merry Christmas: Writer for The Root hopes Dana Loesch slowly burns to death in a car fire

Merry Christmas: Writer for The Root hopes Dana Loesch slowly burns to death in a car fire
Dana Loesch (Image via Facebook)

As we have seen, it doesn’t take much to bring out the rage, hate, and — yes! — intolerance that course through the veins of members of the “party of civility.” Liberals reaffirm this assertion correct on just about any given day. Last week, a Democratic state senator tweeted out “Kill yourself” to a Republican aide who had acknowledged to a third party that the senator abused his Senate-issued parking pass.

The latest example of a Dem showing his true colors was Michael Harriot, a “journalist” with the reliably liberal “The Root,” who wrote on Twitter this past Saturday that he wants to see NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch slowly burn to death in a car crash.

Typical of hit-and-run death wishers Harriot deleted the tweet after posting it, but not before his greeting was captured for posterity:

Loesch, who is inundated daily with despicable examples of liberal hatred, took the high road, took the high road as usual:

This time, however, perhaps because her attacker was a “journalist,” she followed up on her initial tweet:

The overarching message of the sad exchange is this:  If you support the Second Amendment, the Constitution as a whole, Donald Trump, or any conservative agenda item, liberals hate you and they want you dead. Perhaps because of that, Loesch uncharacteristically amplified on her own message:

“We” — meaning rational, thinking, caring human beings — can. I don’t hold out much hope for leftists, however.

It’s also interesting, as a sidebar, to note that Harriot is a “verified” Twitter user. Which means that he gets to exercise his liberal privilege on Twitter and say anything without serious repercussions from the social media company. We all know that if a conservative tweeted anything approaching the intemperance of this message, he would be banned for life.

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