Ted Lieu: I would happily control speech if weren’t for that pesky First Amendment

Ted Lieu: I would happily control speech if weren’t for that pesky First Amendment
Ted Lieu (Image: YouTube screen grab)

While appearing on CNN Wednesday, far-left Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) admitted that he “would love to be able to control and regulate the content of speech” but noted that the First Amendment provides a stumbling block to the fulfillment of that wish. In making this concession, Lieu demonstrated he’s no better than the Communists who ran the former Soviet Union.

The rare moment of candor on the congressman’s part arose in connection with the House testimony of Google CEO Sundar Pichai over allegations that the search engine is biased against conservatives. Despite abundant evidence that the company has indeed censored right-leaning viewpoints, CNN characterized the allegations as a “right-wing conspiracy theory,” which echoes Lieu’s own views.

Here’s a video clip from the segment:

In fairness to Lieu, he did acknowledge that “over the long run, it’s better that government not regulate the content of speech.”

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A socialist can still dream, though. A day earlier he confessed on Twitter that he would like to have the power to silence Fox News. Again he allowed as how the constitutional check on his regulating a media outlet with opposing points of view was “ultimately a good thing,” but one gets the sense that the congressman doth protest too much.

While positioning himself with the extreme Left wing of his party, Lieu has shown a similar tendency toward indecision in other issues. When congressional Democrats pledged to open a new investigation of Justice Bret Kavanaugh if they retook Congress, Lieu said he would need more information” before weighing in on Kavanaugh’s impeachment. He told the Daily Caller that he hadn’t “heard Mark Judge or the other accusers questioned under oath” but added didn’t he hadn’t ruled out supporting impeachment.

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