How is Trump worse than Hitler? Let never-Trump Bruce Bartlett count the ways

How is Trump worse than Hitler? Let never-Trump Bruce Bartlett count the ways
Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler (Images: Left—YouTube screen grab, right—Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, Bruce Bartlett, a Trump-hating author who held senior policy positions under Reagan and Bush 41, glorified a genocidal dictator in a tweet that was apparently designed to show the ways in which President Trump is actually worse than Adolf Hitler.

“Key differences between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler–Hitler served honorably in the military, Trump didn’t; Hitler was faithful to his wife, Trump cheated on all his wives; Hitler wrote a book, Trump’s were all ghostwritten,” he tweeted.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Hitler also gassed 6 million Jews, but who’s counting?

After posting his initial “thought experiment,” Bartlett doubled down: “Anyone who really thinks a comparison between Trump and Hitler is absurd should watch ‘Triumph of the Will’ and then watch one of Trump’s MAGA rallies. His rallies are easy to find. Fox runs them uncut.”

That’s right: If you’ve ever been to a Trump rally, you’re just like a Nazi.

Here’s a little reality sandwich for Bartlett. Yes, Hitler served in his country’s military, while Trump did not. Neither did Barack Obama, so does that make him Hitlerian in Bartlett’s view?

It also true, as far as historians can divine, that Hitler was the sole author of “Mein Kampf,” but  how much pride can be taken in having authored a rambling, poorly-worded, anti-Semitic screed is debatable. Finally, yes, Hitler was was married — for all of forty hours before he and wife Eva Braun committed suicide. I’m not sure how much hanky-panky Bartlett expects Hitler would have been capable of during his not-quite-two days of marriage, not to mention he was preoccupied at that moment with the collapse of the Third Reich.

As for Bartlett’s own curriculum vitae, NewsBusters notes:

A quick check of NewsBusters, Nexis, and Snapstream records found that Bartlett has appeared as a treasured guest to trash Republicans on MSNBC shows hosted by Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, the late Ed Schultz, and Ali Velshi.

As for CNN, Bartlett has been welcomed with gushing praise by CNN Newsroom’s Ana Cabrera, New Day (when co-hosted by Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota), Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter, and Fareed Zakaria’s eponymous Sunday program.

Considering if this were, say, a person who became a semi-familiar face on the Fox News Channel, both liberal cable networks would rightfully be up in arms about how someone with such extreme rhetoric could have ever been invited on as a guest (even if it’s come well after his appearances). And one can’t forget the CNN Media Team, whom it’s safe to say would be banging down the doors of every host who had him on, and their advertisers.

Bartlett is the face of the so-called “resistance” against Trump. And it’s so filled with hate that it now seems to embrace and glorify the most evil man in modern history.

Let that sink in.

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