NOW can we finally dispense with the myth of the ‘white power signal’?

NOW can we finally dispense with the myth of the ‘white power signal’?

The Left, which seems to have no problem with the black power symbol — despite its realization in the often-violent actions and/or language of the Black Panthers and New Black Panthers — has invented a parallel gesture for white people. Fittingly, the symbol is about as far as you can get from the menacing black power raised clenched fist, consisting of bringing the forefinger down to meet the thumb, leaving the remaining fingers raised straight up or at half-mast.

The gesture, which is more commonly interpreted as signifying “OK,” achieved new prominence recently during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings when photographers captured a shot of a former clerk of his, seated behind him and seeming to flash the signal.

The next sighting of the white power symbol came last week during coverage of then-Hurricane Florence. A Coast Guard storm tracker was captured in the background of a segment on NBC making what liberals insisted was the sign:

Image: NBC News video screen grab

Conservatives for their part reacted by dredging up photos of non-white figures making the symbol, among them black New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and half-black former Pres. Barack Obama, but to no avail. Liberals insist that whites in the nation, inspired by Donald Trump, are mounting a clandestine campaign to achieve (retain?) power amid the constant assault on them for daring to be born with white skin.

What would it take to convince the Left that the white power symbol is an invention of their own paranoia? Would they be persuaded by photograph of the gesture being flashed by a non-white woman who is not only liberal but a self-styled socialist? Here, for what its worth, is that photo:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and company
LU Staff

LU Staff

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