Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer was Hillary fundraiser, linked to top Obama bundler with family ties to Michelle Obama

Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer was Hillary fundraiser, linked to top Obama bundler with family ties to Michelle Obama
Debra Katz (video grab), Hillary Clinton (DCNF).

Is it significant that attorney Debra Katz, on the board of a Soros-funded activist organization, was also a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle, and indeed participated in a fundraising event for Hillary hosted by a top Obama bundler and campaign official from 2012?

You tell me.  Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit posted the particulars on Wednesday morning about Ms. Katz’s appearance at a Hillary Clinton campaign fundraising event described in November 2015.  The event information was in a campaign memo from the John Podesta trove posted by WikiLeaks.

Katz was listed as having raised $29,000 for Hillary at that point in 2015.  The memo’s donor/fundraiser information on her also indicated that Hillary had last seen Katz at a fundraising event hosted by Frank and Sylvia White on September 2015.

Her attendance at that September event puts Katz in heady company, fundraising-wise.  Frank White, Jr., an entrepreneur with longtime ties to the Obamas, had been a member of Barack Obama’s national finance committee in 2008.  In 2012, White bundled more than $2.2 million for Obama, and was national vice-chair of his campaign organization.

Frank White was subsequently a member of Hillary’s 2016 national finance committee, and the Whites hosted more than one fundraiser for her during the 2016 campaign cycle.  They had sponsored at least one earlier in 2015, in late April or early May.

But there’s more.  The Whites definitely weren’t on the periphery of the Obama circle.  Frank White’s sister, Mary, is the wife of a cousin of Michelle Obama, Rabbi Capers Funnye.  Funnye and Michelle Obama reportedly knew each other as children, although they became closer as adults.

Moreover, Mr. White appears to have been something of a go-to fundraising entrepreneur for the Democratic Party after the 2012 election.  He is under investigation for using a firm he created in 2013, DuSable Capital, to move money around in obscure ways while consulting for a government-owned investment fund in Malaysia, 1MDB.  DuSable was purportedly created to invest in alternative energy ventures, but seemed to be getting paid when things weren’t actually happening, at least not in terms of alternative energy projects being developed.

Asian news sources may have followed that a bit more closely than the mainstream media in the U.S. The Asian Sentinel reported in 2015:

Records compiled by the Sarawak Report, the UK-based news site run by Clare Rewcastle Brown, indicate that the state-backed 1Malaysia Development Bhd. investment fund may have violated US Federal Election Law by channeling money to a well-connected US lobbying firm, which subsequently poured money into the 2014 electoral campaigns of at least seven Democrats.

The vehicle was DuSable Capital Management, incorporated in Delaware…

The Sarawak Report traced transactions that occurred after an infusion of $506,000 from 1MDB to DuSable in 2013 (also referenced in the Washington Free Beacon article linked above).

It would … appear that the US$506,000 paid to DuSable by 1MDB at that point was the sole source of DuSable’s funds.

On Sept. 29, 10 days later, DuSable made contributions of US$5,200 to the Senate campaigns of Mark Begich and Michelle Nunn. On July 1, 2014, DuSable contributed US$25,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of Terry McAuliffe. Other US$500 contributions went to the Senate campaigns of Don Beyer, Kevin Strouse and Rho Khanna. Dick Durbin, the Democratic Senate Whip, received another US$5,200.

While these disbursements were being made, there was apparently no evidence of DuSable actually making anything happen, alternative-energy-wise, for 1MDB.

DuSable raised additional investment funding, meanwhile, through a separate entity, Yurus Capital, set up by White and rapper Pras Michel of the Fugees, which received a big injection of money from Abu Dhabi.  Yurus Capital was shut down abruptly, and DuSable’s FARA registration as an agent for Malaysian interests terminated, when the Sarawak Report connected White to Obama, and suggested that White had been incentivized with the flow of funding to arrange a golf outing with Obama for Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Whatever the sources of the money, White was a significant bundler for and donor to Obama, Hillary, and other Democrats, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, as Joe Schofftstall confirmed in his WFB article.

Debra Katz wasn’t performing at that level.  But that’s the circuit she was getting invites in, as a Hillary fundraiser.

It is interesting to note, although probably irrelevant to the accusation against Kavanaugh, that top Hillary aide Amanda Renteria is listed as one of the “From” originators on the Hillary campaign memo cited at Gateway Pundit.


Alert readers may remember Renteria’s name from the mysterious claim by James Comey that it was Russian intelligence on the Hillary campaign that caused him to come out in early July 2016 and exonerate Hillary on her email issues.

According to the stories retailed about that Comey narrative, the Russians knew that Ms. Renteria, as one of Hillary’s chief lieutenants, had received assurances from Attorney General Loretta Lynch that Lynch wouldn’t let the probe of Clinton’s emails “go too far.”  Comey, alarmed by the implications of that, felt it his duty to take the bullet and clean Hillary’s slate so that no hint of that Russian intelligence would come back on Lynch and the larger DOJ/FBI organization.

The New York Times and Washington Post told somewhat different stories about that situation, at least in terms of the kind of intelligence it was, and how it supposedly got to the FBI.  But Comey repeated it in his book, A Higher Loyalty, and affirmed it to the Senate in a hearing in 2017.

All of the principals named in the tale – the people supposedly involved in discussing and providing the assurances from Lynch to the Hillary organization, including Ms. Renteria – have denied the claims.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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