Founder of anti-Democrat #WalkAway campaign refused service at camera store

Founder of anti-Democrat #WalkAway campaign refused service at camera store
Brandon Straka, founder of #WalkAway movement (Image via Twitter)

Apparently Brandon Straka doesn’t understand the rules. On Thursday, the New York hairdresser who started the #WalkAway campaign, which urges Democrats to jump ship before their party sinks, was abused and discriminated against at a camera store.

“I’m shaking right now. I just went into a camera store to buy a camera and a light and mic, etc. and they recognized me from tv. I was refused service because they said it was for “alt right” purposes. That literally just happened,” he tweeted.

Straka’s first mistake was walking into a camera shop. If you want the protections of the law to force a vendor to serve you, then you have to walk into a bakery and demand they bake a cake with your message. It helps if you are liberal.

Despite Straka’s treatment, or maybe because of it, the former Democrat resolved to double down on his efforts to draw voters away from the party of no:

Reaction on Twitter was pretty much what one might expect:

What kicks the hypocrisy level of this incident up a healthy notch is that, though Straka wasn’t looking to buy a gay wedding cake, he is gay. He spoke out about the incident with Big League Politics.

“This is a specialty shop,” he said. “They have a section for cameras, a section for lighting, and a section for microphones. I finished with every section except the microphones, and when I went up there, another customer recognized me from Tucker [Carlson Tonight]”

Peter D’Abrosca added:

Straka said that the other customer was excited to meet him, pulled up the clip of Straka on the popular cable news show, and asked for a picture. He was excited to meet a fan.

“I was like, ‘cool,’ I made his day,” Straka said.

But then things turned nasty.

The employee in the microphone section who overheard the conversation refused to sell any equipment to Straka because it would be used for “alt-right purposes.” Straka asked that Big League Politics not name the employee.

Straka said that the employee was a fellow gay man, and that when he tried to explain what #WalkAway was, the employee was not interested in having a conversation. Straka was directed to another employee at the store who completed the sale. Straka could not help but point out the irony. He is trying to help liberate the political left from closed-mindedness, and was bewildered that another gay man, supposedly a tolerant liberal, would not simply hear him out.

“I want to stress that the service of everyone else in the store was professional and courteous,” Straka added. “It was just this one employee who treated me poorly.”

Here’s Straka’s interview with Carlson:

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