These migrant children walked miles to be free and all they got was this lousy Trump poster

These migrant children walked miles to be free and all they got was this lousy Trump poster
(Image: Health and Human Services Department via the Los Angeles Times)

The nerve of it! Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported on a migrant shelter in Brownsville, Texas, that opened in a re-converted Walmart. If it wasn’t bad enough that these muchachos were intercepted at the border by U.S. federal agents and bused to this shelter, one entire wall of the building was given over to a mural of the guy they have been told is uniquely responsible for their incarceration.

The message in both Spanish and English informs the young readers that “sometimes by losing the battle, you find a new way to win the war.”

Actually the kids don’t have it so bad, as even the Times admits: The 1,469 youths housed there sleep on cots in dorm-style bedrooms — beats the accommodations they encountered during their weeks with the “caravan” — and the federales even provided them with a soccer field.

But then there’s that painting of the fearless leader to bring them back to earth.

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The comments from Trump critics (via Twitchy) focused on the irony:

There’s just one small detail omitted by the Times that might place the mural in a different light. Namely, the paper overlooked the adornments on other walls of the shelter:

Something suggests that even if the Times had provided pictures of Obama, JFK, and Lincoln, the Trump haters would have still found something to complain about.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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