Gays fearing violence are turning to guns: How will fellow libs respond?

Gays fearing violence are turning to guns: How will fellow libs respond?
Image: YouTube screen grab via Gays & Guns

“Two years after the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are nervous,” reports the New York Post (via “According to the Human Rights Center (HRC), a US LGBTI advocacy group, 52 gay people were murdered in the US last year because of their sexuality, and 28 transgender people met the same fate.”

In response to these sobering statistics, a number of gays have begun subscribing to the old axiom “Forewarned is forearmed” — except in this case they are interpreting those words quite literally. That is, increasingly gay men and women are buying guns and learning how to use them.

An Australian website called The Feed has a video titled “Gays & Guns: Fighting Homophobia with Bullets.” A trailer from the video follows (warning: graphic language).

Lesbians have formed their own group called “Pink Pistols,” whose motto is “Pick On Someone Your Own Caliber.”

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Whether the threat gays are sensing is anti-gay bias or whether, for that matter, they are at greater risk than other segments of the population, the move toward protecting themselves by taking up arms is underwritten by the U.S. Constitution.

The question now is how will the Left as a whole respond to this trend? How, in particular, will liberals react to the Pink Pistols’ nickname, the “gay NRA,” which evokes the name of the group they most despise, if irrationally.

Gays themselves are unsure of how to react to the movement toward guns. Australian journalist Patrick Abboud told reporters, “I would never have thought I’d see the LGBTI community siding with incredibly conservative, right-wing, pro-gun advocates that have been publicly homophobic and transphobic — that didn’t make any sense.”

Sense or no, here we are. Now let’s throw the floor open to questions for David Hogg.

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