If ABC wants to limit the damage to its brand, they’ll have to fire these guys next

If ABC wants to limit the damage to its brand, they’ll have to fire these guys next
Roseanne Barr (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Roseanne Barr’s infamous tweet heard round the world is scarcely 24 hours old, and already the former star is experiencing life-altering repercussions. Not only has she lost her lucrative contract with ABC but the income stream from royalties on her original “Roseanne” series, which Viacom has pulled from syndication.

ABC is in a pretty dour mood itself, having just kissed tens of millions of dollars in advertising revenue goodbye. “Barr’s controversial sitcom earned $39.6 million in national advertising revenue since its debut on March 27,” Fox Business reports.

Having a public conscience comes at a price.

But the network has other worries. Among them is the loss of the 10 million viewers the show was averaging per episode, many of whom likely share Barr’s political outlook. Shares of parent company Disney fell more than 2% yesterday, and if ABC wants to staunch the bleeding, it will need to take prompt action.

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One move network execs could make to prove they are equal opportunity moralizers is to reverse a decision its subsidiary, ESPN, made last week: That was the hiring of potty-mouthed Trump hater Keith Olbermann. If Roseanne was let go because of an ugly tweet, then how can ABC justify keeping the obscene, f-bomb-spewing Olbermann in its employ? Caleb Hull has amassed a collection of some of the former MSNBC host’s profane outpourings in a single tweet. One example will suffice here (pardon his French!):

Granted, Olbermann’s tweets are not racist, as Roseanne’s arguably was, but is insulting black people the only Twitter offense worthy of termination?

But Olbermann is not the only cretin currently on ABC’s payroll. When is the network going to dump late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, whose recent jokes included mocking First Lady Melania Trump’s accent as she read aloud a children’s story? Isn’t the whole criticism of racism that it diminishes and “others” (that’s a verb) the target? If nothing else, doesn’t the incident show Kimmel to be a xenophobe, a “crime” the Left also finds intolerable?

Unless ABC Entertainment wants to appear as partial as its news division already does, it’s going to need to make other heads roll.

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Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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