Tweet of the Day: CNN’s Cuomo spellchecks Trump

Tweet of the Day: CNN’s Cuomo spellchecks Trump

Monday was apparently a slow news day at CNN. That or anchor Chris Cuomo managed to find time in his hectic schedule to call attention on Twitter to Pres. Donald Trump’s latest unforgivable sin: misspelling the word counsel:

Who cares that Trump spelled another simple word wrong? I do. As weird as it is to set aside that he is potus and should present a level of proficiency, misspelling counsel shows a haste, a lack of thought, that is a requirement for responsible leadership. It just is.

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The criticism is not unreasonable. Spelling, after all, does count if you’re leader of the free world. But one might be more willing to accept that Cuomo’s gripe was tendered with good intentions if (1) CNN wasn’t constantly on Trump’s case about one thing or another, and (2) the network was consistent in taking all presidents to task for their linguistic foibles.

But Cuomo, for one, is not. According to his Twitter bio, he joined the social media platform in March 2009, three months into the presidency of Barack Obama. But a search of his account for the word corpsman yields zero tweets that take Obama to school over his silly “corpesman” pronunciation, a mistake he never learned to correct throughout his two terms.

Nor did he snipe at Obama for deducing that the day before Cinco de Mayo must be Cinco de Cuatro or for confessing while in Austria that he doesn’t “speak Austrian.”

If it’s strictly spelling that gets Cuomo’s Irish up, he might want to dash off a tweet to Trump’s predecessor, who in a message last Friday misspelled forefather:

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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