Starbucks protesters say ‘unconscious bias training’ isn’t enough

Starbucks protesters say ‘unconscious bias training’ isn’t enough
Image: ABC News video screen grab

“Rules are rules. But right is right, and wrong is wrong.” That bit of pocket philosophizing (which sounds a little like the now-defunct slogan of Outback Steakhouse) was offered up last Thursday by Donte Robinson, one of two men who refused to leave a Starbucks when asked earlier this month and were subsequently arrested.

Robinson and his fellow martyr, Rashon Nelson, appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” to give their first televised account of what went down that fateful afternoon. Their version of events, which includes the claim that they were never asked to leave by the manager who instead called the police within minutes of their arrival, is at odds with the accounts of witnesses in the store. Accepting it also requires a suspension of disbelief.

Following reports of the incident, the CEO of Starbucks published an open apology to the men, the manager (who by all accounts is an “SJW feminist of the highest order”) was fired, and the company announced that it would close its stores nationwide for a day to conduct unconscious bias training.

So is it safe to assume the score has been settled and the case closed? Hardly. GMA reports via Yahoo! News that city officials at a protest rally Sunday said it’s “not enough.” Philadelphia Councilman Kenyatta Johnson is quoted as telling the crowd (and the coffee giant):

The actions of the Starbucks corporation are totally unacceptable. We know they said they’re going to move forward and specifically focus on a training that deals with unconscious bias, but that’s a one-day training.

We want to see how they’re going to change their culture as it relates to racial insensitivity and also diversity and inclusion as it relates to making sure that everyone who comes to a Starbucks store that lives in the city of Philadelphia should feel welcome.

Shorter Kenyatta Johnson: Nothing will be enough short of all whites vacating the city.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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