Libs’ reaction to news that fire had broken out in Trump Tower: ‘Burn, baby, burn’

Libs’ reaction to news that fire had broken out in Trump Tower: ‘Burn, baby, burn’
(Image: FDNY, Twitter)

As noted in this space yesterday, a fire broke out in Trump Tower, killing one. Before turning to the reaction from the Left to this tragedy, a few points are worth emphasizing.

First, the man who died was not Donald Trump, who was in Washington when the fire broke out. Second, the blaze erupted on the fiftieth floor of the building, making it impossible for firefighters to manage or extinguish the flames using normal protocol, such as ladders. The fire could have easily spread out of control, resulting in a disaster of epic proportions.

So how did opponents of the president (aka Trump haters) respond when they received the news? Here’s has-been music legend David Crosby, who last November tweeted, “If you’re a Trump dummy and you don’t like progressives Don’t come to my show a**hole.”

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I would have posted the original tweet, but Crosby deleted it shortly after it was posted.

Some of Crosby apparent fans also shared their thoughts on social media:

Some people ascribed ulterior motives to the president:

As noted earlier, Trump was nowhere near the Manhattan building when the fire broke out, but that didn’t prevent one obviously high-information voter from posting this:

It wasn’t only the unwashed, however, who expressed opinions of the sort liberals once famously decried. Here is an embedded, now-defunct tweet by a man who identifies himself as a mental health counselor.

Saturday’s fire was not the first this year. In January, three people were injured when a fire began in the building’s cooling unit. The reactions were every bit as obscene:

Try not to remind liberals that they are the party of civility. It makes their heads hurt.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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