Former Obama aide Jen Psaki claims Trump calling her ex-boss ‘Cheatin’ Obama’ is racist

Former Obama aide Jen Psaki claims Trump calling her ex-boss ‘Cheatin’ Obama’ is racist
Jen Psaki

Here’s a suggestion to the Left: Rather than identify which behaviors exhibited by non-liberals they believe to be racist, why not simply identify those that aren’t.

The latest playing of the R-card was by former Obama White House Communications director turned CNN hack Jen Psaki, who on Tuesday claimed that President Trump referring to her former boss as “Cheatin’ Obama” in a tweet may have “racial undertones.”

The charge was so out of left field that it even the reliably liberal CNN co-host Jake Tapper asked incredulously, “Do you think he’s saying, ‘Because he’s black, he cheats’?”

Psaki couldn’t explain the allegation herself, instead mumbling, “I don’t know. If he cheated, if he shouldn’t have been president. Lots of possibilities.”

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Here’s the exchange:

The overarching purpose of the segment was to attempt to rationalize away a poll released on Monday by Rasmussen that showed Trump’s job approval rating running ahead of where Obama’s was at the same stage in his presidency.

The arguments she made are the ones Democrats and liberals fallback on whenever a poll comes out. If the findings are favorable to their candidate or, in this case, former president, they are bullish about it, whereas if the findings are unfavorable, then their dog ate their homework.

As for the president’s unflattering nicknames for Democrats, presumably he would anoint Psaki as either “Smirkin’ Jen” or “Smilin’ Jen” — if she were important enough to merit that sort of recognition. Back when she was a spokeswoman for Obama’s State Department, she had the irritating habit of grinning inappropriately as she fielded questions from the press corps on matters that were almost never a laughing matter.

BizPacReview wrote of her in December 2013:

A body language expert could have a field day analyzing the reaction of the State Department spokeswoman as she fumbled her way through pointed questions from a Fox News reporter on why reporters were lied to about the years long secret negotiations with Iran.

Spokeswoman Jen Psaki kept breaking into odd, beaming smiles as Fox’s Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen pressed her on why the State Department continually denied the Obama administration was engaged in secret talks with Iran over its nuclear program, reportedly since 2011.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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