Image of the Day: London Police keep dangerous weapons off the streets

Image of the Day: London Police keep dangerous weapons off the streets
Regent's Park's Finest. (Image: Twitter)

Apparently, this actually happened.

Let me put it this way: it seems to be a legitimate tweet from the Regent’s Park Police division of the London Metro Police force.  The Twitter account’s links all go to legitimate sites and other MPS accounts, and there’s a tweet history that looks serious.

On 16 March, the Regent’s Park Police proudly displayed the dangerous weapons they had safely disposed and taken off the streets near Mackworth House, on Augustas Street. (H/t Conservative Tribune)

(Screen cap by author, 31 Mar 2018)

The original tweet (it’s preserved for posterity as a screen cap, in case it comes to seem like less of a good idea as time goes by):

The police were conducting Operation Sceptre, which Ben Marquis at Conservative Tribune describes as follows:

The seizure of those common household items was part of what is known as Operation Sceptre, a police initiative aimed at reducing knife crime and violence by finding and removing dangerous “weapons” from the streets, often by way of weapons sweeps, test purchases in shops that sell them and “stop and searches” on the streets, an action similar to the much-maligned “stop and frisk” tactic that liberals hate so much.

Aside from the sarcasm about “stop and frisk” tactics, which we of course deplore (the sarcasm, you understand), I think we’re all mesmerized here by the idea of making “test purchases” of…needle-nose pliers and screwdrivers.  Who knew?

I’m starting to feel downright alarmed that I have these very implements lurking in my toolbox.  Forget Home Depot or a dedicated hardware store; heck, forget Wal-Mart; I could go buy them right now at a 7-11.  (And if the police were there, I can guarantee you it wouldn’t be to make test purchases of cheap pliers plastic-strapped to cardboard.)

In case you need to get your tactical bearings in relation to this emerging threat (note: if the MPS map at is accurate, the location of the massive 16 March tool find appears to actually be in Camden’s beat):

(Map source:, Google. Author annotation)

The tweeps have been a bit hard on them.

A suspicious tweep took the trouble to find similar evidence from a blue-checked account.

All we can say is, thank goodness someone is on top of these things.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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