Rosie O’Donnell finds art therapy for her Trump trauma

Rosie O’Donnell finds art therapy for her Trump trauma
(Image: Screen grab, YouTube video)

You know how we try to stay on the pulse of the morning, art-wise, here at Liberty Unyielding.

We’re running a little behind on this one.  The art has been out there for days now (weeks?), enlivening the public consciousness.  I’m not surprised I missed it before, but I’m a little surprised that Howard Portnoy did.  (Just saying, partner.)

One of Trump’s biggest…critics, Rosie O’Donnell, has found a way to communicate her haunting disappointment with Trump and simultaneously inject intense primary colors and encouraging commentary into the infosphere.

O’Donnell explains:

til trump is out
I will keep making these

I started doodling on my I phone
many images of trump and his regime
my sadness rage disappointment
will now be expressed
with these pieces

It’s not really fair to call it a haunting, this Trump v. O’Donnell dynamic.  It’s more like a stalking with imaginary thermonuclear warheads.  But at least Ms. O’Donnell is making iPhone art out of it.  She’s selling it on Etsy, etched on metal, although it looks like you’ll have to wait for more specimens to be placed for purchase.  At $125 a pop, her first offerings have already sold out.

The art therapy hasn’t had a noticeable effect on her mood or perspective, but that probably wasn’t the point.  It would be interesting to know who’s buying the etchings.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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