Mark Dice: CNN owns much of blame for ‘terrorist’ who sent white powder to Trump wife

Mark Dice: CNN owns much of blame for ‘terrorist’ who sent white powder to Trump wife

As we and others reported Monday, Vanessa Trump, the daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump, was taken to a hospital after opening a letter which contained an unknown white powder. The incident sparked controversy as liberals piled on with their trademark hate. Media analyst and author Mark Dice responded by saying CNN holds what he called a “huge portion of responsibility” for inciting the perpetrator who sent the letter.

“I think CNN holds a huge portion of responsibility for inciting the terrorist who sent the white powder to Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump’s apartment,” he tweeted. “Their constant stream of fake news, I believe, largely factored into pushing the psycho over the edge.”

He followed that up with a statement that — at least in his opinion — the network is inciting violence against the Trumps.

Reaction was pretty much what one would expect.

Police, Breitbart said, are investigating the letter’s source and the Secret Service confirmed it is also investigating the incident.

Another person said CNN’s rhetoric is responsible for a lot of bad behavior by radical violent leftists:

Another person even suggested that someone from CNN may have sent the letter, which reports said, included a note which expressed anger.

Breitbart also said that leftists, including some in the so-called “mainstream media,” celebrated Trump’s hospitalization.

Journalist and producer Simon Thompson, for example, “asked whether Vanessa Trump had to be ‘decontaminated’ because of the white powder or because she’d ‘come into contact with Trump Jr.’”

The Socialist Party of Great Britain justified the incident and a journalist who has written for the Huffington Post claimed the entire incident was intended to cover up a cocaine overdose.

Dublin, Breitbart said, deleted the post, but “continued to spread conspiracy theories surrounding the incident’s validity.”

As we’ve repeatedly reported here, it’s no secret the radical left wants Trump dead. After he won in November, a series of GoFundMe pages appeared seeking funds to pay for the president’s assassination. Radical leftists, like actor Michael Shannon, have made it clear they want Trump supporters dead as well.

CNN and other outlets in the so-called “mainstream media,” have fueled much of the hatred and anger against Trump with heavily-biased reporting, as we and othershave repeatedly reported.

What do you think? Does CNN hold some responsibility for this? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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