Is Democrats’ over-the-top rhetoric on DACA spawning a new wave of black-on-Hispanic crime?

Is Democrats’ over-the-top rhetoric on DACA spawning a new wave of black-on-Hispanic crime?
Surveillance camera footage of assailant in slashing crime (Image: NYPD via the Daily News)

As Steven Malanga noted recently in City Journal, black resentment toward illegal immigrants is on the rise:

Though blacks have long worried that the country’s growing foreign-born population, especially its swelling rolls of illegal immigrants, harmed their economic prospects, they have also followed their political leadership in backing liberal immigration policies. Now, however, as new waves of immigration inundate historically African-American neighborhoods, black opinion is hardening against the influx. “We will not lay down and take this any longer,” says [black radio talk show host Terry] Anderson. If he’s right, it could upend the political calculus on immigration.

The current debate over DACA has brought this explosive issue front and center. It has caused me to wonder whether a violent attack that occurred in the Bronx last week is just the first of many such crimes to come.

New York’s Daily News reports that a “man walking with his 1-year-old son … was slashed across the face by a stranger in an apparent bias-fueled attack, authorities said Tuesday.”

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Piecing together the details as presented, we can reasonably infer that the victim — who spoke to reporters in Spanish — is Latino. In addition, 54.6% of the population of that New York City borough is Latino.

The assailant, who is described in the article as “black, about 18.” He is reported to have yelled “F*ck your country!” as he wielded his blade, presumably a reference to the man’s country of origin.

The perpetrator ran off after the attack and has so far eluded police. His motivation therefore remains unconfirmed, though the incident is being treated as a probable race crime.

Back during the Obama years, you may recall there was a rash of black-on-white violence that was almost certainly fueled by the racially divisive rhetoric coming out of the administration. Now Democrats are again going overboard in their rhetoric and actions in support of the 800,000 illegal aliens who are DACA recipients.

One can only wonder whether we are on the verge of Round 2.

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Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."

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