While Trump stood for the national anthem, he received a crude larger-than-life message

While Trump stood for the national anthem, he received a crude larger-than-life message

At the College Football FBS National Championship Monday night in Atlanta, President Trump proudly walked onto the field with the Color Guard for the playing of the national anthem. Not only did the president stand with his right hand over his heart for the anthem, he also sang along.

A video of his entrance shows he was well received by the vast majority of fans in attendance:

Not everyone at the game, however, was happy to see the leader of the free world. Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough shouted “F*ck Trump” as he exited the locker room with his teammates.

Scarbrough, who played for the visiting team, feebly attempted to defend himself on Twitter by insisting his f-bomb was actually directed at Georgia.

But even his hatred of the president paled next to the “show” the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America put on when they projected the obscene message “F*ck Trump” in giant letters onto the exterior of the stadium and tweeted:

Welcome to Atlanta where the players play and where the Democratic Socialists have an awesome projector like every day. (You’re not welcome in District 5 or anywhere else in ATL you orange fascist).

Images of the despicable show of disrespect were captured on social media:

Image via Instagram

Apparently, there are those in America who are wistful for the days when we had a president that delivered his own f-bomb to the country itself by refusing to place his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem.

A pox on all of them!

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Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison is an ex-Army officer and stone-cold patriot on a mission to restore strict obedience to the U.S. Constitution. He is editor of the blog Powdered Wig Society.

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