Dem. Rep. Clyburn: Conyers accusers not credible because they’re white, i.e., child murderers

Dem. Rep. Clyburn: Conyers accusers not credible because they’re white, i.e., child murderers
James Clyburn (Image: YouTube screen grab)

South Carolina Democratic Representative [score]James Enos Clyburn[/score] is getting up there in years, having celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday this past July. So if you’re going to ask him tough questions concerning accusations of sexual impropriety leveled at fellow Rep. John (“We’ve All Seen Him in His Underwear”) Conyers, you’re going to have to give him some time to invent a defense.

It’s still not going to be very potent, mind you. On Wednesday, for example, Clyburn was corralled twice by reporters seeking his reaction to the mounting allegations against Conyers. In one instance, a member of the press noted that a number of individuals in the private sector who had been accused of similar misdeeds had already lost their jobs, to which Clyburn replied, “Who elected them?” seeming to suggest that a different moral and criminal code applies to elected officials.

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In a second instance, Clyburn went after Conyers’s accusers, comparing them with  notorious child killer Susan Smith and suggesting that they may not be credible because they’re white.

The outrageous comment was captured in a tweet by Robert Draper, a writer for The New York Times:

Breitbart reports on the fallout:

Rep. Clyburn’s office reportedly denied the allegations that Clyburn used the Susan Smith metaphor, while Draper suggests that multiple sources have told him that the South Carolina congressman used the reference on several occasions.

Cedric Richmond, a fellow congressman and member of the Black Caucus who was accompanying Clyburn in the above video, tweeted in reaction to Draper’s claim:

Richmond followed up on his initial tweet:

In response, Draper said in another tweet that “that discussion was specifically & exclusively about Conyers, according to 2 attendees. Who else could you have been referring to when bringing up Susan Smith?”

In yet a third tweet, he added:

Clyburn tried defending himself on Twitter:

This engendered a number of ironic reactions:

And finally this:

As Twitchy noted, “If Clyburn has some further proof that the story is inaccurate, he might want to produce it.” And he should do it quickly.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press said that Conyers has no plan to resign from office:

“He’s going to fight these allegations tooth and nail if he has to with evidence, with documentation, witnesses, whatever he has to do,” attorney Arnold Reed told the AP. “And the accusers will have to prove up their case.”

But, the New York Post said, he does not intend to run for re-election in 2018.

I wonder why.

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