Libs unveil plans for anti-Trump hotel in the heart of D.C.

Libs unveil plans for anti-Trump hotel in the heart of D.C.
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Two can play the same game. So real estate mogul turned President Donald Trump opens a fancy-schmancy hotel in Washington. Who’s to say liberals can’t open their own hotel? Granted, the “Eaton Workshop,” as the new venture is curiously known, won’t be the last word in comfort, but it will be dedicated to criticizing the president and questioning how he became the nation’s leader.

The hotel, which is planned to open next spring, will display constant footage from the 2016 presidential elections in the lobby, meant to ask the question “How did we get here?” according to Bloomberg Pursuits. “It’s the world’s first politically motivated hotel, the flagship for a global brand that’s built around social activism and community engagement,” Bloomberg L.P. reports.

According to the hotel’s website:

Eaton Workshop invites activists, artists and entrepreneurs from around the world to instigate meaningful and positive initiatives … through  cultural programming supporting the intersection of arts, consciousness and impact.

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The espoused mission of the builders is to “design the optimal setting for thought leaders to maximize their potential.” Sounds comfy!

“We wanted to emphasize that it’s a place for people who are thinking outside the box and want to effect a change in the world,” hotel founder Katherine Lo told Bloomberg, adding that she wants to appeal to a “woke” crowd.

Hotel employees will not only have exceptional skills, but will also be passionate about social justice, according to Lo. Prospective employees will not be hired if they do not sign onto the hotel’s mission.

Eaton Workshop Hotel will offer a liberal TED talk series that will be free, open to the public and streamable, Lo told Bloomberg. The hotel will also house works by local artists, in addition to a co-working space with priority membership for activists, progressive startups and artists.

The rooms’ minibars will include activist toolkits, and the nightstand drawers will hold copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“We’re hoping that our hotel revenues will propel our creative projects,” Lo said.

This report, by Grace Carr, was cross posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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