The most pathetic tweet ever posted by a major party nominee for president

The most pathetic tweet ever posted by a major party nominee for president

“Donald Trump Won’t Say if He’ll Accept Result of Election.” So blared the headline of a New York Times article published just over a year ago in response to Trump’s answer to a question during one of the presidential debates. Here was the lede:

In a remarkable statement that seemed to cast doubt on American democracy, Donald J. Trump said Wednesday that he might not accept the results of next month’s election if he felt it was rigged against him — a stand that Hillary Clinton blasted as “horrifying” at their final and caustic debate on Wednesday.

Since the election, both the Times and Clinton have changed their tunes. Her words and actions have demonstrated repeatedly that she is now perfectly on board with refusing to accept the outcome of an election, and the Times is no longer worried about the casting of doubt on American democracy.

Instead, the Times, like so many other mainstream outlets, has focused on, among other things, now-President Trump’s messages on Twitter. Judging from the level of opprobrium, you’d think Trump was the first president ever to use social media to speak directly to voters.

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In fact, he wasn’t even the first candidate for the presidency to use Twitter. Here is a smug tweet penned last Oct. 26 by Trump’s opponent:

Happy birthday to this future president.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 26, 2016

One can only wonder if Clinton, who turned 70 yesterday, wished herself a happy birthday again, this time with the knowledge that the investigation of her involvement in the Trump dossier scandal might lead to her most memorable birthday present ever.

(h/t Ben Shapiro)

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