[Bleeping] computers update: New ‘Comments’ section at Liberty Unyielding

[Bleeping] computers update: New ‘Comments’ section at Liberty Unyielding

[See UPDATE at the bottom. – J.E.]

Treasured readers, we have exciting news.  Liberty Unyielding has new comments software from Spot.IM, and we think you’ll like the functionality once you get used to it.

Never fear: your old comments from Disqus have been imported to the new segment.  As I work this evening, I’m seeing the process of populating those old comments to the legacy posts continue.  You’re a rowdy crew, so there’s a lot there, and it will take a while for all of them to register.

Now, some instructions.

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First, it is necessary to have any AdBlock software turned off, at least if you’re using Chrome.  (I haven’t test it with Edge, IE, or Firefox.  But if you can’t see the segments/functions mentioned below, try adjusting any ad-blocking measures you may have in place.)

The old Disqus segment was down below the Facebook comments segment on the page.

The new one, called “Conversation,” is at the bottom of the post, but above the Facebook comments segment.

The first time you see it, you’ll see an open comments box with an auto-generated avatar to the left of it.  Buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and email appear in a row above it.

You can click on one of those and log in with your user ID from that site to populate our comments section with your information.

Or, you can create a Spot.IM account.  To do that, start a comment in the open box, and then click post.  The dialogue box will offer you the chance to log in with one of your social media accounts — or to create a separate account on Spot.IM.

If you choose to create the Spot.IM account, just follow the instructions.  The avatar that was generated for you will remain with your account unless you go to your Spot.IM profile and change it.  (Spot.IM will offer you the chance to do that.)

I found when I created my new account that it took some time for the process to complete.  You may or may not experience the page hang-ups I did, but if so, I recommend letting it run and staying with it.  Not trying to scare you off; just a warning, and a recommendation not to abandon the process too soon.  Now that I’m in, I’m able to post comments without difficulty.

I know some of our longest-running regulars will really like the ability to apply italics, bold, etc in the comments field, without having to type HMTL markings.  We’ve been longing for that functionality since our earliest days nearly five years ago.

Latest comments display:

You can still see the latest comments from any page at LU.  To bring them up, put your cursor in the scroll bar on the right.  You’ll see a blue square with a white plus sign pop up.  Click on that, and you’ll see a “wall”-like display of the latest comments.  There’s a blue bar at the top from which you can exit the latest comments display.


Howard Portnoy and I have not gotten our royal commissions from Spot.IM as moderators yet.  So we won’t be able to rescue any comments posted with excess hyperlinks or naughty words, probably until early next week.

Our apologies in advance for any mental anguish or trauma experienced in the transition.  Come on back, ’cause we love folks.  Enjoy!

*UPDATE*:  I’ve just observed that at least one of our commenters’ profile information seems to have been imported from Disqus into Spot.IM along with his latest comment.  It may be that you can do a log-in based on your method of commenting in Disqus, without going through the steps above.  You can probably test that by going to a post where you know you have old comments, and clicking on the avatar image for your account.

We’re still studying this comments software in the wild and making notes.  Feel free to chime in if you gain insight.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer is a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California, blogging as The Optimistic Conservative for domestic tranquility and world peace. Her articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s Contentions, Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard.


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