Ana Navarro thanks CNN’s Chris Cuomo on behalf of ‘all straight women and gay men’ for doing this

Ana Navarro thanks CNN’s Chris Cuomo on behalf of ‘all straight women and gay men’ for doing this
Ana Navarro (Image: YouTube screen grab via ABC News)

One small step for LGBTQs and “cis” women. One giant step for sheer liberal lunacy.

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro thanked colleague Chris Cuomo on air for wearing a tight shirt during a segment of Hurricane Irma Wednesday’s “New Day.”

“Damn, did Chris Cuomo look good doing it. I want to thank him on behalf of all the straight women and gay men of America who got to see him in that tight t-shirt. Brought us at least one silver lining. Listen, now back to global warming,” she said.

It appears that Navarro, who previously stated opined that Donald Trump is “unfit to be a human” needs a long rest. Unfortunately, she wasn’t done expressing gratitude:

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If I can have a moment of personal privilege before answering about my party pretending to be so damn dense, I want to really thank the ‘New Day’ team. I want to thank my CNN family, my CNN colleagues for everything they have done for the last week to keep Floridians, to keep Americans informed. I’m so grateful for people like Chris Cuomo.

CNN commentator Bob Ferguson stayed on point with climate change, calling it bad taste for mainstream media outlets to focus on politics during a time of personal struggle.

“I do think when people are talking about it [climate change] while the hurricane is literally hitting is insensitive. I think it’s trying to score political points when you should be looking at directly helping these people,” he said. “They put their political ideology ahead of the safety and the response to the people. Saying we have to talk about climate change right now. No, you can wait a week to talk about it. I have no problem having the conversation about climate change … but when you’re trying to do it as people are in the path of the storm, when it’s currently going on this crisis, it’s incredibly insensitive because it’s about politics at that point.”

Ferguson remained skeptical that climate change supporters would have the same open mind, despite his willingness to discuss the issue.

“There is no area for debate with people who are climate change individuals,” Ferguson said. “If you ask people that have been affected by Harvey and you ask people in Florida if right now this is something they should have a long conversation about it, or they even think the government should be focusing on … they are not wanting the president or anyone in Congress right now to be having a Kumbayah on global warming.”

Navarro answered back that anything that can be done to help the climate, short of “strangling business,” should be done:

Forget about whether it’s real or not, if there is anything we can do to as Americans to make this planet a little better for ourselves and generations to come without strangling business, let’s do it.

“New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota put up a graphic claiming the coal mining industry donated 97% of their political contributions to Republicans and said that is one of the main reason the GOP refuses to address climate change.

Ferguson defended the coal industry and said, “Coal miners are smart. They understand that this political wedge issue has suffocated their industry and that there are people that want to destroy the coal industry and don’t care about the fallout of American jobs, because it’s so political.”

“If Democrats want to have a responsible conversation about this, then don’t attack an industry and blame a sole industry for a hurricane which is unrealistic to put all that on and say Irma happened because of coal,” Ferguson added. “I think that it’s not as simplistic as some have tried to make it out to be which is, we have to blame coal. And you got to shut down every coal plant, and you got to shut down coal power.”

This report, by Nick Givas, was cross posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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