Clinton’s pastor violates Eighth Commandment, ‘Hillary’s daily devotions’ book pulled

Clinton’s pastor violates Eighth Commandment, ‘Hillary’s daily devotions’ book pulled
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In four days, Hillary Clinton’s latest round of blaming everyone but herself for her loss in last year’s presidential election is due to hit bookshelves. It is clear from excerpts that have been released so far that the book, titled “What Happened,” takes on not only the vast right-wing conspiracy but heaps blame for the loss on Clinton’s fellow Democrats. This has many of them weighing with harsh rebukes even before the book is published. One Clinton “fundraiser and surrogate who played an active role at the convention” told the left-leaning website AlterNet that Mrs. Clinton should “just shut the f**k up and go away.”

As Hillary loyalists wait patiently for the tell-all to tell all, a second book connected with the Clintons is coming down on the shelves. The book, “Strong for a Moment Like This,” was written by Clinton’s longtime pastor and spiritual adviser Rev. Bill Shillady. It is a spiritual devotional, comprised of biblical passages, prayers, and short sermons that Shillady and other pastors sent to Mrs. Clinton every morning during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Apparently, it’s also plagiarized in large part.

The book, which was suggested by Hillary herself, made headlines back in August when Shillady revealed in an Atlantic interview with Emma Green that Hillary Clinton’s “fondest ambition is teaching scripture in church.” Naturally, that revelation dropped a few jaws and raised eyebrows.

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And now this bizarre saga continues with Rev. Shillady’s publishing house, Abington Press issuing a statement less than one month after “Strong for a Moment Like This” hit the stores. According to a report in the Washington Post (and linked on Drudge Report) the president of Abington Press, Rev. Brian K. Milford, said the following:

Abingdon Press initiated an extensive review of the book and was alarmed to discover other content unattributed by the author. Abingdon Press has zero tolerance for plagiarism. Consequently, we have discontinued sales, will remove existing copies from all sales outlets, and will have them destroyed along with our existing inventory.

Yikes! However, I checked, and the book is still available on Amazon, so order your collector’s copy fast.

Obviously, Hillary’s plagiarist pastor has had a very public fall from grace. But perhaps Mrs. Clinton, who as a serial liar, has a long history of violating Commandment number nine, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Maybe instead of publishing a book that takes aim at the people who helped her try to get elected, Hillary and Shillady could co-write a confessional book titled “Please Forgive Us For We Have Sinned.”

Surely that would be a New York Times best-seller with Mrs.Clinton’s contributions likely still a work of fiction.

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Myra Kahn Adams

Myra Kahn Adams

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