CNN’s Alisyn Camerota gathers a citizen panel to bash Trump; hilarity ensues

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota gathers a citizen panel to bash Trump; hilarity ensues
Alisyn Camerota (Image: YouTube screen grab)

You got to pity CNN! When they’re not reporting the death of a celebrity who didn’t die, they’re failing to screen a panel of men on the street to ensure their opinions match CNN’s own.

That’s what happened recently to host Alisyn Camerota. She was doing a segment on how unacceptable President Donald Trump’s reaction was to the events in Charlottesville two Saturday’s ago. Her crew was evidently tasked with finding a half dozen warm bodies who agreed with the party line so that Camerota could prove conclusively that the “average American” hates Trump as much as she does.

Instead her crackerjack team somehow assembled a panel of Trump supporters to appear on live TV. You have to wonder what questions, if any, these people were asked during the screening process.

In the video, below, Camerota asks for a show of hands of those who “were troubled by the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville?” Nary a soul raised his hand. All just sat there and smiled.

Not getting the response she wanted, Camerota ended the segment abruptly and cut to a commercial.

How lame was this? CNN broadcasts primarily from its studios in New York. How difficult could it be to find six Trump detractors in a city so liberal that it elected Bill de Blasio its mayor? Apparently that’s not a rhetorical question if you’re CNN.

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison is an ex-Army officer and stone-cold patriot on a mission to restore strict obedience to the U.S. Constitution. He is editor of the blog Powdered Wig Society.

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