Actor Seth Rogen taken to school literally after tweet about sanctity of ‘people who oppose Nazis’

Actor Seth Rogen taken to school literally after tweet about sanctity of ‘people who oppose Nazis’
James Franco and Seth Rogen in The Interview (Source: Sony)

Writer Truman Capote made a lot of enemies in Hollywood after an appearance on “The Tonight Show” back in the Johnny Carson when he observed that actors are stupid.

When the host challenged him, Capote doubled down, saying, “The better the actor, the more stupid he is.”

On Wednesday, Canadian-American actor Seth Rogen not only proved Capote’s claim but made it clear that at least some actors are ignorant of history.

Rogen managed to show his true colors in fewer than 140 words:

Unluckily for him, a few of his more than six and a half million followers on Twitter aren’t quite so unenlightened. Many tweeted back statements like these:

While Rogen brushes up on his twentieth-century European history, he may want to pay a visit to the site of the statue that appears below.

Image: YouTube screen grab

It depicts one of Stalin’s contemporaries. His name is Vladimir Lenin, and he, too, was guilty of murderous repression. According to Alexander Yakovlev, Yale historian and architect of perestroika and glasnost (two more terms for Rogen’s remediation):

[I]n punitive operations Stalin did not think up anything that was not there under Lenin: executions, hostage taking, concentration camps, and all the rest.

If Rogen wants to pay homage to this great man of the Left, he won’t have to travel all the way to Russia. The statue is in Seattle.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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