Jill Stein explains why North Korea has been ‘forced’ to attain nukes

Jill Stein explains why North Korea has been ‘forced’ to attain nukes
Jill Stein (Image: YouTube screen grab via Fox News)

Remember Jill Stein? You’re not to be faulted it you don’t, even though Stein’s name was in the news fairly regularly during the 2016 campaign season. She ran for the presidency as a socialist on the third-party Green ticket.

Somehow Stein, who was never really that squarely in the picture, managed to promote some face time for herself recently on MSNBC, where she weighed in on the growing menace that is a fully nuclear-capable North Korea.

Stein’s assessment of the situation in a nutshell is that the Norks were “forced” to acquire nuclear armaments in order to protect his people from the threat posed by — you guessed it — the U.S.


Stein also opposes the sanctions that were imposed on North Korea in response to their recent missile tests. And why?

Because the sanctions play right into Russia’s hands, and we know that sanctions only strengthen a leader like Putin and make him sort of the protector against the evil United States. …

It’s unclear if the words evil United States are intended to appear in quotes or whether the adjective in the phrase represents her view. Regardless, it’s clear that she sees America as the aggressor. And Kim Jong-un? He’s evidently a pussycat. So he shipped tens of thousands of his own citizens to Russia to serve as slaves in exchange for the currency his cash-strapped regime desperately needs. Big deal. Surely, Jill Stein could rationalize why this doesn’t make him a bag guy.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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